First ritual with Lucifer

I did a ritual with lucifer, I Asked him some things, but it’s a personal matter that is private, In return, I put blood on his sigil. It wasn’t a demand or anything, I just did it because I felt like I should. The connection after that was really strong. It was with my favorite knife too, I know blood carries a strong energy for rituals, hopefully the pact works out quickly

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Anyone want to elaborate? It wasn’t super formal or whatever, Just more of a casual thing, Lucifer didn’t ask for anything in return, but I felt like I should give him something back

Everything seems fine. I guess you just wait for resutls.


I did the cut on my left hand, I didn’t realize it at the time but I thought about it and it seems perfect

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Well, anything that makes you feel better while controlling the energies around you.

It wasn’t super formal but he responded to me, I trust the ritual will work out