First Ritual Of The Zandas Of Ahriman United

The Purpose Of The Ritual.

The point of this ritual is to create a tare in the veil of Ahura Mazda’s creation of this weak and Limited world, then we will call all the powers of Darkness Eternal, Counter-Creation and The divs and the King and Queen Ahriman and Az Jahi into this world to not only empower us and our working but also for the course of counter creation on a grand scale.

How This Will Work.

We will not only cause a tare in the veil of this limitation but, we will use ourselves as minor gateways around the world, You do not need to have created the altar nor the nexion, but you need to have ignited the black sun, also you should have roused Domar and Dehak, You need at least some form of the powers within the practiced awakened within yourself.

The Time And Date Of the Ritual.

28th Of February, I know it’s short notice but this is what Sovar explained is the best time to do this the actual time will be at.

12.00pm UK time for me, The time will of course be different depending on your location.

Why I am not posting the ritual publically on the forum.

I will be inviting those who wish to join into a private group chat, the reason being is because i don’t want this ritual getting into the wrong hands hope, you’ll all join My fellow Zanda’s.


Conner Kendall.


How far along the path must we be on brother?

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Hey. If you want me to help I’m in. I’ve actually been focusing on creating a tear in the veil so the timing on this is pretty impressive.

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