First offering to king Lucifer

today I gave a spirit an offering for the first time. I gave a burger to him and I have never done that before. I only did this because I was asking him for a big task. I went to a local Wendy’s and I bought it. I think i might do that again sometime soon(buy 3 burgers,give two to homeless people and give the third to the entity that I wish to summon.)
Basically I did a petition to him. I wrote my letter to him and wrote down his enn on the sheet 2 times. Then I printed his sigil and filled it with sexual fluids. I then flushed the sigil and the petition letter. Then I went outside and put Lucifer’s burger outside for him to get the energy out of it.
This was the biggest burger they had. It had over 1080 calories and had three buns. I hope Lucifer accepts my offering and decides to help me with this task. I hope he got all the energy he needs to help me with this task.

Do you guys think he accepted my offering or not?

Petition information source: @DarkestKnight


Lucifer is a really kind spirit. I’m sure he accepted your offering.


A burger is an interesting choice for an offering.

The originality alone would probably catch Lucifer’s admiration. There is only so much wine and baked goods one can stomach, after all :slight_smile:


Did you summon Lucifer and actually tell him the offering was for him?


You set the offering on an outside altar for him. It also becomes an offering to nature/the nature spirits. That’s thoughtful.


I’ve found their taste changes and they don’t always want the same thing. I’ve had requests ranging from peanut butter and oranges, to in and out burgers, spicy chicken curry etc. For me at least they seem to enjoy it more if it’s something I myself wanted and held myself back to share a small bit with them. So it’s more the intention and effort behind it than anything else. The weirdest request I’ve had so far was from Belial. Fruity pebbles mixed with cool whip. My reaction was “why the fuck would you want that?” I never did get an answer, though it might have been to prove the point of “you’ll never be able to predict me.”


Last year in 2018 in summer made an offering to Lord Lucifer, I chose to do this for my own experience and I wanted to see if I can possibly have Lord Lucifer attention and if I can work with him in the future.

I offered pancakes that I made and filled em up with natural jam with pieces of strawberry in it. I heard the Lord likes sweets.

So I played Lord Lucifer Enn from youtube open 2 candles 1 black and 1 blue and used some satanic insent and I think Lord Satan also showed up because I felt a dark presence behind me and I remain calm.

So the candles light just grew so high to like almost 3 or 4 inches. And felt a warm and kind presance behind the candles and in my mind eyes I saw a face a of a man looking like in mind 20s and he was blonde.

I was so happy i think I had tears in my eyes.


You have to ask. Different spirits want different things. I’ve given things I thought the spirit would like, only for them to reject it