First meditation experience

I meditated for the first time today, I used Belial’s sigil and enn and I had a mad experience. I can’t ecplain it. I concentrated on the sigil and after a minute or so I closed my eyes and I could see weird visions. They were bright colours like purple and yellow and some like a negative of a photo but shining really bright. I could see the face of a man and then 3 sigil’s cane in between different visions of a man standing on a cliff edge with his hair blowing behind him. I got lots of visions of the same face kind of flying around slowly It was like I was seriously tripping lol I wrote the sigils down after. Tbf I only meditated as I was stressed over money and I thought rather than getting all tense etc I’d try to relax anyway after I received a message that some money was being paid into my bank! All sorted! I feel as if Belial was helping me! Am I going bonkers or could he actually be looking after me?

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Some years ago I’ve read the advice of “faking it till you make it” (and the case you described wasn’t even faked, but occurred spontaneously).
Recently I received a confirmation, watching a video of an author of Magic, who said that a Spirit is an illusion which the magician tries to make real. That is, magical imagination serves to provide a form but is based on a subtle reality i.e. the various angels, demons etc.

@fapa79 Ok so is it all a manifestation of the magicians (or my) own imagination/ mind?

High Magic considers even imagined things to be entities, which may be evoked. And the imagination itself is creative. But in Belial’s (or Satan, Malphas etc.) case, he already exists; it’s only necessary to pave the way for his manifestation.

I’m a bit confused, so how do you pave the way for an entity like Belial? Were the visions I had the beginning of me paving the way?

A key point is to trust feelings so yes, those visions were a good sign. The Lemegeton instructs, at the beginning of evocation, to concentrate on the desired Spirit. In any case, if you’ve seen a drawing or read about how he appears (Belial, according to the Goetia, looks like an angel on a fire chariot), your mind will “call” that image. The manifestation may be just that: visual impressions, words in your mind… By using incense, the smoke may form a body; and/or it’s possible that awakened clairaudience and third eye reach the point where you see and hear the entity.

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Ah I see that’s great advice. I will b trying the incense etc this evening. I’ve had a weird coincidence happen today. I ordered sons nooks (greater and lesser key of Solomon, the key of Solomon and the red dragon) now these arrived this morning and my visions were yesterday and some of the symbols I received in the vision look like some symbols in the books! I’d showed my other half and also my two girls what I’d seen yesterday and we were all dumbfounded by it. I now know that it was a real vision and not just my mind playing tricks on me. I realise I need to be really serious about this as it’s certainly something that much respect is due and not for half hearted messing about. Thank you for your help it’s very much appreciated :heart:️:kissing_heart::smiling_imp:

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