First Kundalini activation and rising- Damn that was crazy

The greatest experience I have ever had just happened, so i was doing this mediation to some music and I could see my root chakra burst with energy, from my brain to the root chakra, I felt a pulling and all of a sudden. BANG I felt heat major heat, then a solid object slither through my spine and coilng around every chakra, infusing them with this fire energy of kundalini, I huge white flash appeared before me it was so bright I could see it with my eyes closed, the burst of the serpent felt like I was about to be catapulted into the air, onces the kundalini serpent exited my skull and coiled into the crown chakra another white burst happened and this huge power surge took over, it was so strong my spine jolted and my eyes went into the back of my head as I exhaled in " awe ", and I inhaled a huge heat spiralled and went through me burning away all my blockages while empowering and opening all chakras, this energy when it reached my brain centre made me feel as if I was hit with something, when I started this meditation it was completely black outside then I opened my eyes and saw the morning light.

As I ended the ritual I felt well like all of my being was renewed not just renewed but also upgraded.

Man what a amazing experience, I felt everything so crazy haha.

Just really wanted to share this with you all.


Congratulations, thanks for sharing this experience!


Thanks and no problem I’m in a state of peace i’ve never been in before haha


Your mind will be blown open and you will be like a super computer for the next week or maybe more, consider the most hard far reaching problems intellectually and watch your brain pull the answers out if the either, make the most of it.

I want to have another so f’ing bad, I’ve read some have three activations before they are fully activated but everyone’s different, id been trying for three years and when it happened I didn’t know and thought something was wrong with me, like id jumped the timeline or into another reality.

This is only the beginning so the best advice I can give is enjoy this and then get to work on yourself when you are ready.

Some take three to five years after activation others say it never ends but be prepared to have your whole life changed , you might dislike your favourite things to do, maybe even turn of your current partner, you will reevaluate everything, even reality sometimes.

In esoteric terms its a weeding between Shiva /pure consciousness and Shakti/ unbridled power, he waits in the crown to unite with the serpent power shakti below who rises to meet him burning everything that stands in her way. The cramps, pains aches, are her working her way through the body and all the baggage we collected on the way, dharma and karma. That’s why I say this is the beginning, you have awakened her now can you raise her to meet Shiva , destroying the old and birthing a new world in your image.


how do we stop this process from destroying our favourite likes, dreams an ddesires. i have always wanted to travel to another country and meet people and live in a certain foreign country. i dont want kundalini to manipulate ke and revaluate my dreams or desires, i like where there at right now. i also want health and wealth to do what i want

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It won’t, having a kundalini awakening will not erase your human desires and dreams , it will raise your vibration, consciousness , and awareness though, perception and sense of well-being

thanks i have this fear very badly, i had an awakening but i have been holding it back fiercely. mainly because i hit my head and devloped a minor type of epilepsy, and i have severe nervous system damage, so im worried the process will make it worse. im not sure it can heal these diseases

I don’t think it will, I had a similar awakening today, I felt a rush of energy from my spine to the top of my head and my eyes rolled into the back of my head of euphoria , I believe you can cure diseases and problems though meditation though

its definitely crazy and most normal people don’t believe us. Im trying to move on and my life and accept the energy, the problem is im not sure epilepsy and multiple sclerosis can be cured so im in a standoff with myself. ive been in bed for the last 3 years. time just stands still

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It can be cured I throughly believe , meditate on fixing it for hours a day if you have to for months , aslong as it’s not like regrowing a limb

hmm, it almost seems harder then regrowing a limb to be honest, i really have a hard time believing and i know thats a big part of it. how does scarred brain tissue and myelin sheath become un scared. thats hard for me to find belief, although i really want to believe. i just have been let down over and over and over the last 8 years of my life bad things keep happening and i cant find positive momentum

Some things you can’t repair. However, you can regrow things.

well if some things cant be repaired then repairing my nerves and scars in my brain definitely isnt possible. lol im ready to give up soon anyway

why not? you misread my message. U can’t repair them . however you can grow new nerves and brain tissue. U might be the 1 in a million that do miracles. hope is the seed to life.

i honestly hope you are right, but if any of this was really possible everyone would be doing it and it would be a known fact that these diseases were curable. as it stands now no one has cured epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, and trust me i have had years to look. sure there are snippets of " its possible " or you can regrow like you just said. but there is no information or actual steps how to do it other then just heresay

Cuz your looking for what’s done already. Miracles happen when your the first. There were so many things in the past that were said to have no cure and now there are cure to them after decades. We aren’t advance enough like the atllanteons … too bad they kill themselves due to greed i would assume. technology run amuck.

I know the healthcare sucks. it’s focus on management instead of cures research due to money greed. healthcare would sky rocket if the healthcare industry focus on cures instead of management. unfortunately we are not in a better age that wants better healthcare. The health model tells us all about society’s intent and goal.

its harder when you have been sick lying in bed for years and have numbness, tingling , burning bad eyesight, sexual problems no energy etc etc etc. you eventually lose hope and get sick of trying thats where im at. where exactly am i supposed to pull out this miracle. the information just does not exist and not even chinese medicine or the indian healing systems can do anything about it. all the stones have been unturned. dont know where to look

There are no accidents. Some of the major contribution to society are from those that are sick. The sickness teach them humanity. Such was milton erickson . the father of hypnosis. Also maybe you made a contract to have such illness in this lifetime to teach you something , for soulgrowth.
Some health experts were told they would die in less then 10yrs from polio when they were young and now they live past 60 yr old.It got them to study health and use their knowledge of health to live well. Sometimes the doctors don’t know best. sometimes your own research and living the illness makes you more of an expert. As your your own research project.

i get what you are saying but i have two chronic diseases not just one. i dont see it happening. im not a doctor or scientist or anything else for that matter . i wont be the one finding the cure. but i am soon ready to throw in the towel. hope to me is just a word to make you feel better like having a chance. i would rather accept my place instead of dreaming for a magically cure. anyways thanks for your opinion

U just have to work with the cards that are dealt to you. Everyone have their challenges. some more than others. U may see others doing well but insides they may not. No one can no one’s internal struggle. I’ve seen successful actors suicide. Everyone was surprise why they suicide. They got everything. money, home , family etc… U just don’t know what everyone is going through inside. U just make the most of it. Some people who seem to be suffering on the outside might be the most joyous and happy inside and loving life. All depends on one’s state of mind.