First - King Paimons Evocation

So before I started down the path I was merely seeking a demon for love such as Sallos, but browsing through the forum I felt drawn to king Paimon, and was reading a post about someone’s journey with him as I was doing so I had a couple of windows open one of them had an explanation how to evoke him. As I finished reading I was about to start browsing about Sallos, when the video started playing by itself and my window switched to the said video… So I took that as a sign to perform my evocation.

Please note that this is litteraly my 2nd day trying anything within the Magick realm, although I had many encounters with Jinns and such.

So I light up a couple of circular small orange candles, I take a kiwi fruit and put a cinnamon incense in it to set the mood, and I put bineural beats to put myself in the right state while I am reading more, as soon as the incese if burnt off I put an Amber one, and turn on the Enn of king Paimon, sit on my bed and put my head back while listening to the enn I closed my eyes and started Humming king Paimon… Suddenly I feel my whole body getting goosebumps and a chill goes up from my feet to the my head and as if needles were poking my whole body, I started breathing deeper and deeper, and asked him for more knowledge about what I am doing in life ( vague ), And how to work with him and other demons, it lasted for about 4 to 5 minutes, I did not get any answer from him and the feeling later faded.

I will keep this post updated as I go through, any thoughts?

Update: I was hoping to try and invoke Duke Sallos as well tonight but I feel very drained after my earlier encounter, I never feel this sleepy at this hour.


I’m interested in evoke king paimon, do you have a link to the website that had an explanation on how to evoke him? thanks

Read the lesser key of Solomon instructions , or use the search feature on the website , there are tons of tutorials

I wrote exactly the steps I did, I didn’t follow any guide or whatsoever, if you want you can find E.A’s method of evocation, for me what worked was putting an Enn and just remembering the sigil, closing my eyes and meditating while picture the sigil and calling for him.

Great work! Thanks for sharing!

@nightwanderer Check this out: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

So as it appears, I managed to get a tarot reader to be my communication means for direct messages while I am working on my divination skills, the King appearently is protecting me and does not want me working with other demons for now, that explains why the two dukes I tried evoking refused answering me and I got even shooed off.

It was said to me that he considers me a key player in an ulterior motive of his, which I am fine with, I like any relationship to be a give and take, I guess I am now on my quest to working with the king by all means.

A bit of an update about my situation: Ever since his appearance, everything is getting better for me, I am being repulsed by cigarettes, I had a huge urge of clleaning my room that remained messy and dusty for 4+ months, I feel a huge sense of euphoria and my anxiety has dissappeared for the first time in 2 years.