First Journal

Hello !!!
Yesterday,I performed a simple magick.
I drew angel Hariel’s sigil on a page and i gazed for some time chanted a mantra which @anon2593031 gave me.After that i closed my eyes i asked my wish(I wished to get guidance on magick’s path always and to increase my magickal abilities because sometimes I feel lost).ThenI felt cold and was feeling like I am surrounded by something. I did this 3 times so that I can confirm this was not a coincidence and everytime I felt the same so then after performing 3rd time i took my phone to tell about this to @anon2593031 then I saw 444 on my mobile phone.

After sometime,I thought to cast another spell because I had not cast any spell for a long time.I cast a wish spell to make this cloudy weather which i used more than 15 times and everytime this worked.After casting that wish spell,at 6 PM this was very cloudy weather and clouds were very dark , I love this weather.

Since that time I am feeling more connected with magick.

By the way,this wish spell I found on YouTube
This spell is

1.Close you eyes
2.Say your wish in mind
3.then say “Get me what I truly desire magick.This is my wish .So mote it be”

Thanks for reading

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I think you wanted to write *so mote it be.

He is greedy asf

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I’m dying man :joy:

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