First Journal - First steps on the Path of Smoke - Black Book of Ahriman


This is a new beginning for me, so as I progress on this path I’ll shall be recording my successful results and failures here. Hopefully from my failures being recorded here as well of my successes, I will learn to overcome and grow stronger.

If anyone wants to walk this path with me and has the tome, then it would be cool if we could share experiences and cheer each other on.

Anyhow wish me luck as I delve into this tome!


where did u buy the tome


Here -


Yes brother you will.
All the luck to you in your Ascension. :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks Brother!


I don’t as yet but i will be following.
Goodluck to you :muscle::v::+1:


Thank you & when you get the tome, give me a shout!


You are very welcome. And I too soon will be following in your foot steps. We can compare notes.


That would be great! <3



can you share more info about this path?


Hey BlackMagiik! Thanks for the video, the music sure does get me in the mood!!!

I am just beginning this path but from what I have gathered, it’s a path to free you from the shackles of false religion and tells you about Zoroastrianism creation myth. It’s all mindblowing, well to me anyways hehe. This link to the book will tell you more then me as the book is so far beyond words that can be expressed! -


Thank you, what if i free already from false religion and i seek to lit my soul on fire with passion or free myself with social restrains? Or seeking to invoke my bestial and sinister nature and become Darkness incarnate?


Then this book is for you i’d say. Here Is a little on what Kurtis says -

BMOA is unlike anything else ever published. Many will look at the concepts presented as if they are fresh or new. Trust me when I say none of this is new. In fact, it is likely more ancient than any of the religions we know of today. By applying this work, Ahriman and his Divs will flood into your life and guide you in a very personal way. A lot of the most powerful work will not be found between its two covers. In fact, it will likely come from the patrons of the book itself as it is alive and sentient.

The work will prove useful to those looking to gain results regarding sorcery or creating change in their lives, as well as to those looking for a path leading to alchemical transformation. These are two different approaches found within the work (The Paths of DoMar and DeHak) which make up the one Path of Smoke. It will benefit both the beginner as well as the seasoned magickian. The beginner will simply be able to open the book and grow through the process of study and application as they are not hindered by years of programing. The experienced magickian will grow by leaps and bounds through the backward wisdom of Ahriman and his legions and their consciousness will expand in unimaginable ways because of backward understanding.