First Invocation - successful or not successful?

About a week ago I had my first Invocation. I had invocated Archangel Raziel. I did a lot of research on him and had some sort of connection to him so I thought he would be the best spirit to have my first invocation with. So I did what I researched how to do, by creating the spirits sigil, lighting candles and incenses then saying their enn. When I finally started, I looked into his sigil and about 45 seconds had gone by and the sigil started to flash and grow and shrink. It did this for about 20 seconds and then I put the sigil down. I started to meditate and I asked what wanted to ask and I didn’t really get an answer or at least I think. I was able to see lights in different shapes for a bit but it wasn’t that clear. A few days Pass and during meditation for the past week I have had weird evil looking entities looking at me while smiling. I have not invocated since my first invocation since I wanted to wait and get advice on if I did it right or wrong. Feel free to tell what happened I’m really curious.


Nobody can tell you what happend in your own rituals. It is for you to decide.

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To me this is not an invocation though it’s something or a way to make a contact.

Also, I thought those Enn things are for Demons, when did Angels start having enns too?

Another thing is that, if it’s the Archangel Raziel you’re trying to contact, then the “weird evil looking entities” smiling at you is totally off.

You need a thorough divination to be sure of what you’re doing.

True , it’ll take time patience and practice

Hi dear, first of all I would like you to learn that enns for demons, so we do not know what kind of enn you have. Archangel raziel is such a strong entity , angels are harder to get connect with. If you have sigil of him you can always work harder to get his attention. E.a has shared angel sigils on his books, you can check online. Remember when we call entitities we create portals and imposters can come to visit us. Angels gives chills and some kind of different energy when they enter the room. I Recommend yo to learn how to read energies first. And check the invcation lady eva shared it was for demons but you can use the same method as well for angels. Also check for the book angels sigils keys and calls.

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