First invocation of the king paimon without any signs

Hi so yesterday and today i summoned the king paimon so i want you if you want to tell me if i did something wrong so first i draw the sigil with golden ink after that i lighted 5 candle one blue and 3 white i sat in the darkness of my room i degan to sing the enn while gassing at the sigil after a good 25 minute nothing happenned even if the sigil desapeared a few time i looked a the wall while singing the walls began to desapeard but my eyes moved a bit and all the thing that i was feeling and seeing vanished i had some cider and pastries for him i thanked hime and that’s all to be honest i was a little bit anxious bc he didn’t show me anything but i belive he eared me

When you exit the magical trance due to distractions, try to resume :slight_smile: … You still got some results and, judging also from the impression you wrote at the end, the operation was probably successful.

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But why i didn’t felt anything the only thing i felt was when i stared my wall for several minute my vision became really dark and heart rate began to speed up and i also felt a tingeling sensation in my body
Ps: i asked the king paimon for a familier when im going to have one and if i do in wich form ??

Those are common signs (although it depends on the cases); fast heart rate, tingling… Good.
If having a familiar was the goal or amongst the goals, and since you provided offerings, it may be that you already have one. Try asking King Paimon about the form, or let your mind perceive it. Also, it’s possible that the familiar will have the forms you desire over time.

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Thanks for the reply but the familiar is it physical or etheral ?? And i wish to have bird can it come like that on my window ??

Ethereal in almost all the cases. Theoretically it’s possible that a bird already living becomes your familiar, or that one borns for this purpose. You may as well get a pet bird and ask Paimon to make this animal your familiar.
Spirits are usually seen in a scrying ball, black mirror, incense smoke or with the third eye, awakened clairvoyance skills.

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