First introduction

Hi! I’m Oscar and I live in Europe, I’m interested in discovering and controlling the invisible world so that I can be my true self, my experience is very small but at the moment I am reading questing after visions book.

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Do you currently practice anything?


A week ago i did sigil magick, because one year ago i was really into this forum AND I even practiced a little bit but somewhere along the way i Just didnt have any time for rituals and practicing, but some knowledge did manage to stay in my brain so I did a simple sigil magick with Sallos and Asmodeus, I really felt pulled to their sigils and It felt like reuniting with an old friend.My inner senses were not really used or trainer so I only get a little feeling from spirit in the room or I will get some kind of visions that show me what I must do next to further open my senses, IT is really helpful, right now Im focusing on having full Control over my dreams and from there I will hopefully take Control over my inner senses during rituals,evocations etc.