First genuine sigil opening?

Sorry for the long read for such basic stuff. Just excited and wanted to share.

So I haven’t actually practiced much but some light meditation. I keep reading and reading on this site about evocation and sigil magick, (dream as well, I ordered some guayusa tea) those seem more what I’m looking for. I’ll also say… while I’m looking into this a lot, there’s a part of me that’s still just trying to believe. There’s so much info and helpful people and genuine stories that it’s getting hard not to believe. I have looked at sigils and tried to fully open them but haven’t gotten past just some glowing here or there, or lines disappearing but not entirely and coming back half a second later. My thoughts are scattered and the most random things pop into my head when I try, which is why I need to work on meditating more. Tonight I sat in a dark room, laid a candle out, and just tried to focus on it while genuinely trying to let my thoughts go. Just focus on the candle, if the thought comes it comes and I tell myself it’s not what’s important right now. After around 5minutes I looked down from the candle and gazed at the sigil of Dantalion. It took a bit for my eyes to refocus on it and not have one blue flame like image burned where ever my left eye focused on but I repeated the cycle of focusing on the sigil. At one point the entire thing seemed to glow, and I felt it was time to call out to Dantalion. I didn’t take my opportunity but held on and continued gazing, more intent upon reaching that again. When I felt it was time again the sigil for the first time actually felt 3D and popped off the page for a second, then I called and said that I wish to be more open with my senses and with Dantalion. That I would sleep with the sigil in my pillow and hope that something, either him or some dream I could decipher would come to me. I told him I believed and just needed some more help, a push if you will. I closed by saying he is free to depart, but some company and help is never minded.
Thank you guys for listening.


it was nice keep practicing it.

That is amazing thank you for sharing please keep an update on your progress if you can

Lol thank you for reading☺️ I’ve been trying to write down my dreams, whatever I remember of them. 2 nights ago when I slept with the sigil I had a dream that hinted towards good things, and while I dont really remember last nights I know that it was along the same lines. No Dantalion to my knowledge but it does give me hope and a sense of conviction to keep going.


Tgere are some who won’t show in dreams

Dreams are still a form of communication tho, right? If I understand it they may not appear but may give you a dream that says what they need to get across. I might be wrong but the 2 nights I slept with his sigil my dreams were what I’m trying to achieve

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Yes they can send dreams but some won’t actually appear in them but they are message from them though it’s a good way to establish a good connection and communication with them

That’s comforting to know. :slight_smile: The 3 nights I actually meditated(or tries my best, still suck at it) I had good dreams. Last night I didn’t but the dream just seemed normal, they’re always really odd. Just makes me believe more that there was a connection, albeit small.

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