First Experience with Spirits

Hello everyone so here is my first experience as a newbie with the spirits.

I was completely lost from begnning of this year everything was going against my will with no job and too much of debts and family taunts i was searching for a place where i can find a perfect guide to work with all the spirits and get to know each one of them i found BLAG one day and i got my firsy spirit to work with it was Lucifer.

Lucifer he helped me ro overcome my small expenses and bringing a stability into my crappy life then i started with Belial and King Paimon.

I was looking for a job very desperately everywhere but it wasnt working as i have not completed my graduation and just have one degree of a Certified Ethical Hacker
In every company they rejected me then i asked Lucifer to help me with finding a better job related to my skills within two days i got a mail from a HR that they are conducting a traning campus for students and after one month of training you guys would be placed in MNC i was damm happy as the pay was awesome and finally i would be much more stable than ever before and my family would also be happy but after some days i just thaught that what if the MNC would reject n may negative questions in my mind came up like what if they would ask for some security amount to work with them and blah blah… and i got a messgae for mock test like to perpare ourselfs for a fake interview at our campus only just to test our skills i was scared as every there was enginners and like i havent completed my graduation also all i was having was a qualification of CEH then i came across belial and King paimons name i started working with them and asked them for their help to get me this job or some other where i would get a fair pay and the job doesnt require any educational criteria just my talent and my skills in Ethical Hacking finally the day for Mock test came i asked Licifer,king Paimon and Belial to help me in this interview and kind of come with me😅 i was just tensed waiting for my turn as there were many students waiting one guy behind me started talking to me and i came to know that we would have to pay 22000 rupees to learn a course from them i was shattered like man i cannot even affort to pay even 5000 for now i was fucked up i got depressed and left the campus thinking what was this why this happened i just didnt knew what to do and reached home and as soon as i reached home Boommmmmm my mom told me someone called to offer you a job and he gave his number i talked to him he told you are a perfect candidate for our job you can come on monday and we will discuss about salary and incentives and other things and suddenly my mother asked how was you interview at campus i told her the story that we have to pay some amount for a course and etc she told me then you should go we will arrange it or ask them if u can do that course from other classes if thats ok for them we are ready to pay for classes and other things inspite of debts i was like yeah Baby finally it worked like Two opportunities at same time.
It was the time when i came to know the power of spirits in real. I would recomend any newbie that you should specially work with this Three spirits they are Awesome and also they have so much to Teach…

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As I read your post you received a too good to be true email from a firms HR department offering a FREE training campus program for pre-qualifying you for a high paying job with that firm.

It seems it might be not geared for employment but a false LURE to get tution and fees from some type of business school, creating another expensive uneeded class or classes that will not lead to employment but another bill that you dont need or want.

Your ritual with Luficer for prosperity and employmrnt may have gone unheeded. The email from this so-called HR Department is a false lead and is not related to your casting but a unethical attempt to create fees and business.

@lawclerk yeah but i got a call from another company also if you read the post it was for free without any expense or any qualification criteria😁

Intetesting so two diffetent events one for classes and one for employment. Did the job materialize after the training? All the best…

@lawclerk first was from HR side internship second one i got a call from another company not from the same and yes they told me to join from the moment or next day.

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