First "experience" with King Belial (?)

“God is dead and we have killed him”


Yo that’s my homeboy nietzsche font be using his name like that


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THIS IS 2019 we respect the law of gender!
I try my best to hate but I found it to be a waste of time, haha

…HAHA? Or something?

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THIS IS 2019 we respect the law of gender!
I try my best to hate but I found it to be a waste of time, haha

I know there’s some Gods who are like my sheer madness and fury. It impresses Them.

…HAHA? Or something?

Ability… Power… Knowledge… , my Dear.

By the wae I still remember that I should answer your first comment there. I’m just so busy nowdays.

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I didn’t get along with other women for a long time, and it’s still something I often struggle with. Many women especially when younger are socially conditioned to be horrible to each other and constantly in competition/comparison with every other individual in their age group. It’s exhausting, but thankfully that attitude is changing. I can also be rather blunt or insensitive, so for a long time I just preferred talking to men.


I can understand your opinion and feeling towards them, very well, @Narsonix .

Personally, I spent a lot of time to try to figure out, why am I can’t stand women at all. In results, I found lot of reasons. I won’t write down the full list but:

Physycal Weakness - In my eyes, adapting to the situations (even physycally), elements in strenght is an important thing for survive anything. If you are strong physycally, you have much more potential to anything, which is an important goal imo.

You have to be strong in every way as you can imagine, to be able to stand on your own legs, and to be able to support men, if you have to.

Uncontrolled Emotions Most women are nothing more but a brainless hysteria, pussies. They can not control their emotions, they are hypersensitives, and usually they did not want to deal with their actions consequences, at all, which is drives me mad.

Unintelligence Even uncontrolled emotions can drives you to the path of idiotism, which is do not respect conclusions, logic, judgment. But without your pathetic emotions, you still can be an idiot, without knowing it. Unacceptable.

And most of them are boring and simple af. I can’t stand weakness, I can’t stand these stuffs, at all. They are too… “inactive” in this active medium.

Nowdays even men are can be pussies, which is sad, but what should I do?

As a little girl, I already make connection only boys, and most of girls want to my companionship because my strenght (possibly they felt my energies, my aura, powers and it is attracted all of them). Because they are felt themselves in safe with me IF I let them to enjoy it.

I can be sensitive, tender, romantic, but only if I let myself it, if the situation permits it.

( Ah, an “another” possibly reason why Abaddon and Belial likes me, and connected me so much. )


Yes, I have found that one particularly infuriating at times.


Belial : practical, bussiness partner
Lucifer : philosopher, wisdom teacher
Beelzebub : fatherly figure, protector

If you want to handle the bussiness quickly, call belial, practical, fast, efficient!
If you call lucifer, you will get wisdom, he is like wisdom teacher, like confucius, socrates, plato!
You can get the answer from your wisdom
Beelzebub : he is like your father! He will give you what you need! And will stop you to do something that can harm you

That’s the different!


Just because you have a ding dong between your legs, it doesn’t make you stronger, or smarter… What kind of ancient way of thinking is that, coming from a woman above all lol

Due to my work, I’ve met men that were acting a lot weaker than the women. They weren’t as sharp as them. And they were pussies overall. But I don’t just assume that all men or even that most of them are like that. Every person is different.


No one told this, @Anassa . Based on my experiences, I’m usually beat both in big general (self-knowledge, an important thing). That’s all.

You can be everything (your gender is not important, really). That is the point, BUT…
The points of generalization valid and proven. :woman_shrugging:t2: I saw brainless and weak men, oh… hundreds, thousands of them before, do not worry about it, they are not golden just because their dirty-pecker.

Some people think that they are better just because his/her gender but it is not true.

Beelzebub : he is like your father! He will give you what you need! And will stop you to do something that can harm you

At this point, it wouldn’t surprise if Belial were my father (basend on how He behaved with me is… I don’t know). I have to find out this whole situation around me now, because it is a chaos, and Gods give me interesting informations, but never everything.

At night Abaddon told me that Belial have tested me several times already. :thinking:
At lesat these were not attacks like in our dear @Lady_Eva 's case. :black_heart:

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Yea, I think this as well as the 6 paragraphs long explanation of why you hate your own gender, forgetting that you are a woman too, was pretty clear and no further explanation is needed.

I’d tell you the same if you were a man, saying how you hate all men or if you were any gender saying how you hate your own gender or any other gender. See, it’s not healthy or wise to categorize people like this. We all think we’re special and different from the others, but…

Anyway, labels are good for the butcher’s window display, not for complicated living organisms like humans. Especially, based on something so general and silly as their gender. But to each his own. I’m personally out of this discussion…


forgetting that you are a woman too

Cute, but you are wrong again and again. At least, you think that you can read in my mind. It is a good ability anyway, if you would able to do it right. :roll_eyes::wine_glass:

I’m glad you do not want to continue this, because looks like you simply can’t understand what I wrote before, and you write things what I did already. Maybe because you are feel yourself insulted, no matter.

See, it’s not healthy or wise to categorize people like this. We all think we’re special and different from the others, but…

This part of your comment (too) is absolutely prove that you don’t get this whole thing. :woman_shrugging:t2:

No more time wasting.
I appreciate it.

Finally I’m there, @Titan.M.

Sometimes Belial can be VERY AGGRESSIVE and upfront , like a frenemy of sorts. I’ve found his tactics to be quite cruel and rude at times until i realize their worth later.

I like His personality. Being agressive so suddenly is not not unusual even from me either, and as I see, He is a very dominant God, who enjoys controlling the situation with His power (via by knowing His power), His sentences and movements.

For me it took being thrown in jail, a mental hospital then psychosis, but now going “crazy” is my superpower. I can’t look at the cops or the laws of reality the same, they are just playthings to me at this point, but that doesn’t mean we dont respect boundaries of others. We just like to show them how belittling rules can be for the child playing with fire.

I can agree with you!

I’m living with illegal stuffs (even my everyday job), and I think rules exist only your head, nowhere else. It is funny, because you can use rules against people in several ways, and you do not need to respect it at all, not like they do.

Rules be like imagined doors:

I had some researches about Belial some days ago, and looks like illegal things are really close to Him. What a surprise, an another in common thing in Us. :black_heart:

If i had to GUESS , I’m sure he was dying to have a taste of you, once you give them a taste they keep cumming back. Or at least that’s how it always works for me!

He showed a strong, physycally sign to me today. It proved that He want contact with me as soon as possible. I am not ready for that yet, but I do not want Him to take it badly, so I offered to Him some alcohol tonight, and He gave a chance to talking together for a little while.

It was like a…mini rendezvous. He was mysterious, ribald, nasty and tender, but dominant and a bit “sadistic” in the same time. My little “offering” ritual is ended up with a promise of mine, so I have to invite Him on Monday night, and He made some comments about what will He do with me…

I’ll be honest. I am good at making hot and thrilling sentences about wild sex acts but He… He is the best. :fire::bed: I has blushed crimson because of it. Some compliments have been said between Us back and forth.

+ I know a “pact” between Him and Abaddon, and looks like the Key person in this game is ME. So I must be strong, after He found a way, a hole in the pact’s shield, and I am the third person in this game. Damn it boys, why do you do this?

We said goodbye with a tender kiss (only to His cheek - I know He wanted to charm me and get more - it was god damn sudden and… unusual),
after I drink a little the from the alcohol I offered. :kiss:

By the way, I can relate with your 2nd pic, but the first one is not that cool to me, my bad.


He reminds me a lot of Ton from this

Yes! Absolutely.

He forced my Spirit Lover to leave my house, my bed and me last night.

I have the feeling that Belial will be the God who will take the final step to clear my Demon Lover from my near, and not Abaddon, whom I suspected before in this case.

After my Dedication Ritual, lots of things are changed, but I’m not sure that this would be the main reason why Belial is let Himself to do this. His words are still in my mind. They’re was deep, stern and cold, but at the same time, very true.


So if i understand correct, Belial’s name popped up everywhere and you had something like ‘i will work with you but later’.
And all of a sudden there was no turning back?

Also, you had any omens or signs that were connected with his prescence right before you did any rites with or for him?


Yes, it happened in this way. But my post itself is 2 months old and lots of things happened with us (with me and Belial).

My answer is a ‘yes’ again, you are see the things well. All of Deities’ calling came from nowhere, so sudden before every kind of rite. We could say that They did the first step, and did not me.


Mostly that is the same way how it happens with me too.
Can you tell me abit more about the omens before you took the step in order for a first rite of something likely?
His name is popping up everywhere and just like you said im having the feeling of contacting him but… we’ll see how time shows out somehow…

I saw a silhouette if a deer when i was meditating and thinking of him.
Dragons, scorpion silhouettes in the clouds or just at random around me (posters, books,…)

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As you said, His name popping up everywhere, and I can not forget it.
“It” possess my mind, and how the time passes, it becomes stronger. It usually ‘drives me’ to do things, for example doing researches about Him, or simply fantasizing about Him almost every minutes. It won’t change till I finish the first ritual.

They are shows Themselves on my Dreams, or They to put impact on the physical plane around me, or even onto my body (with in form of scratches, bruises, cold or burning touches or even possession).

His name is popping up everywhere and just like you said im having the feeling of contacting him but… we’ll see how time shows out somehow…

It is already a good thing that you’ve noticed His intentions, and you are not wrong.

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Aight thank you!