First experience with astral projection

Hey there!
I just started taking up an interest in black magic from a close friend and wanted to share my first experience with astral projection. Like I said, I’m very new to all this and when I say new, I mean I just started getting into it like a week ago! I just want a little outsider insight to what happened to me so bare with me here. I had brought up to my friend who is more experienced that I wanted to start getting into black magic, I had no beliefs whatsoever when I started, I thought all of it was basically just a load of b.s, boy was I wrong!
The first night, my friend suggested I scry into a pentagram and imagine a few desires I had for myself, naturally I did not believe anything would happen and had no knowledge on astral projection or pretty much any of this for that matter. A night or two later I went to bed feeling strange, before I fell asleep I became aware that my body was feeling heavy but not with sleep, my mind interpreted it like I was “in a pit of liquid gold all the way up to my neck” it started to get more painful like I was burning and my body kept dying over and over again. I started to panic and got up, trying to shake the feeling away from me. I cried out that I wanted to kill myself because I couldn’t bare the pain but went back to bed, crying and yelling out every other moment or so. That’s when I looked up to see something watching me, laughing. I looked to my other side and saw my friend in the sky while I was almost drowning in this lake of fire. The place that I was in was red and hot, above me the being was in a place of darkness and my friend was higher above, in a light blue sky. I tried to get out of the pain I was in but horror scenes kept flashed before me, one I was in a dark blue room with evil beings all around me, their whispering was so loud and intense but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. This is when I realized that I had opened the door for these beings from what I had done with my friend. I called out if there was any way I could get out of the horrors I was feeling and the being spoke, telling me I needed to agree to his terms and I could climb out of the lava. A ladder appeared in front of me with strange letters and I agreed to his terms as I climbed the ladder. Every time I had a small doubt of our agreement I was back in the lake of fire and had to start again. My friend was at the top of the ladder and once I got there, I felt this huge rush of power, my body glowed with a golden aura and the being started showing me the things I had wished for while I stared at the pentagram. The sound of cash rang through my ears as I was bathed in golden coins. I looked out into the space and I knew I had access to all the knowledge in the universe. I started asking questions about my life and learning everything I wanted to know. The relationships in my life, how I could be able to succeed in work and the reasons behind inexplicable events in my life. The being told me to start believing in religion to understand more in real life. I started laughing with all the knowledge, power and success I felt and everyone around me laughed too. I spoke to people out loud asking them questions about my life and what was happening and they answered in my head. I fell asleep feeling the golden aura of power vibrating through me.
The next day I went to see my close friend to ask him about my visions the night before, my friend believes that the being I spoke to in my dream was Belial, since he had been working with him and mentioned my name. The aura still felt strong and as the days went by it slowly wore off. Now I’m more curious than ever and although the dream answered many questions, it raised even more. Any thoughts on what happened and what I should do next? Thanks for reading!


Wow that’s absolutely incredible! Just out of curiosity what were his terms?


He told me to do certain things and talk to certain people so they could help me understand and get to my goals, honestly that part was a little unclear but I would like to talk with him again to find out!


You had a vision and should call belial.

Also there’s resemblance in aspects to the lake of fire ritual. Belial is one of the gatekeepers in charge of that.
Read the book of Azazel or the audio book on YouTube.


@iblis yes! I was just about to suggest the same thing

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Also a few paragraph breaks won’t kill you.

Yes I had paragraph breaks but had to edit them out because it fucked up once I sent it in😂

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Thank you! I have just started reading it:)