First evocation

So I did my first evocation of King Lucifer.
5.30 hours this morning

Protection ritual of my own.

  1. Meditate
  2. Opening the Sigil. It seem to double but then in white. Like flickering.
  3. Stated intention to initiation

In the beginning it looked like nothing out of the ordinary happened. But when I ended the ritual. ‘You may leave when you want King Lucifer’

I felt the feeling of presence, goosebump energy feeling. And when I was making bread I was singing ‘Please allow me to introduce myself…’ in my imagination.

Lessons learned.

  1. Face more to the east.
  2. Longer meditation and be more at rest.

Hi everyone an update and a question. I’m not sure it’s good to ask the question in this topic but it is the follow up so it’s sounds ok.
After initiation (Lucifer) I have evoked him again with incense. I doubt if I was in the correct state due to, to much attention on: ‘It’s to dark’, ‘I can’t see my notes’, ‘I need an extra candle’ and so on. But this happend.

The incense smoke is normally going up. Now it came towards me. Not in 1 line but going in 1 line and then broader surrounding me and saw circles (could this be a serpent or wings of an angel). It was a stunning. So I said that I want to work on my senses and asked for help but I did not receive an answer. I said that I still have difficulties with understanding but that putting things in my head works good or doing this inside a dream (asking to remember it).

So I’m went to sleep and I got a bit a desire dream but nothing to start with. And I think I have to be patient and it starts when I don’t focus on it. But do I have to take action myself. For example evoke him more often because the feeling was good, just to work on my senses? Or have you guys and girls got other tips for me?

By the way. To be honest, I thought I would be a little afraid. My believes thought me much, but as you all know it’s got his negative side to. Christian Dogma’s and negative thought about Lucifer.

But I am feeling better every time I evoke him.

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