First Evocation to Duke Dantalion

I did my first Evocation today. Yesterday I learned that he is my Guardian Demon. So later that evening I did a mediation on his Sigil and just wanted to say hello to him and establish a connection. I mediated and saw what seemed like a green sky (like outer space but green instead of black). I did not see him that im aware of but felt he was there. I also had a feeling of being surrounded like I was encased within something.

Today I did my official evocation. Cast my circle and chanted his Enn. Lit my purple candle and sandalwood incense. On the paper I had my seal, my offerings to him/pact and my wish. I offered today a dandelion from my yard (I only had one!!) and a piece of candy that is very hard for me to get and i enjoy very much and added a drop of honey. I think he was pleased. Afterwards I offered my “love” I felt as I was sitting being gently “pushed” down and like a sheer light blanket over me. I took cues from him and must say it was pretty dang erotic.

I feel like everything was accepted and appreciated by him. I rather enjoy knowing he is one of my Guardians already. I did do a Tarot reading and the numbers of the three cards added up to 9!! I did ask him for obvious signs that he did indeed hear me and I consider this one. Also I did not notice till afterwards by my candle holder is a purple glass. Im pretty stoked about that one!! Perfect for him.

Thank you Duke Dentalion!!


thanks for sharing, also can u explain how u got to know he is ur guardian demon?


I did a pendulum asking. I took the names of all 72 Goetia and wrote them on strips of paper and it turns out I have four of them in total. My pendulum swung very strongly for yes’es on all four Duke Dantalion included.

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