First evocation of Marbas for Healing

I have been having continued chronic health problems for some time.

I evoked Marbas after so many good recommendations here by other posters.

I used just his sigil and chanted his enn. The sigil started to flash within approximately 5 minutes.

I sensed a presence just at the rear of my right shoulder and felt what seemed like fur touching my arm although I could not see anything there…

Although I could not actually feel him I seemed to ‘sense’ a male white lion with a large soft mane and he had crystal clear blue eyes that seemed gentle and not in any way piercing or cold.

As I told him my issues and how I needed his help I tried to rest my head in his mane and at this time I felt a very soft calming healing energy coming from him and into me. It was not a forceful type of energy but was more like peaceful waves. Not easy to describe.

I bade him goodbye and sat quietly contemplating this experience.

Within 2 days my chronic knee pain which had been with me for many years improved by at least 50% and has subsequently improved daily but not at the same initial rate.

I told him I would spread the word about his abilities so Marbas I personally thank you.


That’s very interesting, I too have chronic knee pain as well as back pain and the doctors are next to useless in helping me.

What preparation did you undertake prior to the evocation? And did you use candles, incense etc?

Best of luck in your recovery.

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Glad he helped I really like marbas he’s a great spirit to work with

that’s great to hear. I’ve worked with Marbas before but not for healing. Yesterday I feel off my bike and now my wrist hurts like heal. I’m evoking him tonight

Thanks for the comment Racksus.

I did use a green candle but I have no idea if this is really needed. Probably not. I did not use any incense mainly because my sinuses cannot tolerate it plus I am beginning to think none of these things make any difference.

I used an electronic image sigil on my computer and chanted his enn a few times…

That is all I did, nothing fancy or elaborate. I may draw his sigil out on paper by hand next time and compare the differences. .


That’s brilliant, thank for the reply. I think I give Marbas a shot to help with my aches and pains :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, can you please send me Marbas sigil and enn, i would be really grateful. As my mom needs healing she has sm serious health problem going on. Thanks


Here is the Sigil I used for Marbas and good luck with your mother.



Thanks :slight_smile:

Enn: Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas