First Evocation of King Paimon

Okay if there are any channellers in here can you tell me if he came or not?
King Paimon has been in my thoughts a lot over the past week, I was sat outside saying his enn in my head then I felt a presence I closed my eyes and saw a blue orb in the centre of my vision so I greeted him formally and said Thankyou for coming.
This morning I looked in my mirror and i swear it looked like someone had blown on it and drawn two stars. No one has access to this mirror and it’s always clean…
I found a nice spot on a field today and meditated first to try and relax myself and my thoughts. I’m going through a horrible situation right now so this was hard, I was able to relax eventually, when I opened my eyes my vision had a blue tint, the field looked even more beautiful it was almost unreal I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
The grass is tall and definitely green so I accepted this as another sign to carry on?
Then I put out some red wine, dark chocolate and some cookies, I also had insence burning.
I felt hazy and cold deep inside but carried on anyway as that could just have been the wind.
I watched a 30 minute video, focussing on his sigil and the visualisation, I had leg cramp a few times and had to move so I feel like I messed some of this up :sob:
After this I felt strange but a LOT calmer than I was when I was walking up to that spot.
I got my petition paper ready opened his sigil and chanted the enn.
I think I said it about 10 times and I am positive I heard footsteps to the left side of me, I wasn’t scared but I did look around, I didn’t see anyone and I am positive there was nobody around this field is located in an isolated area and I was sitting right at the top so I could see in both directions. Anyway given my christian upbringing it took some self control to remain open minded and not get up and run, I have had negative experiences with spirits in the past too.
I felt confident enough to talk so I went ahead and read my petition, I had written a list of questions and stated at the end that I intend to buy his sigil and keep it with me and that if anyone was willing to listen to me in future I would tell them about him. I thanked him for his time and wished him peace, buried the offerings and left.
Sorry this is long, I would so appreciate if anyone can tell me if he heard my prayer and if he was happy with the offerings.
I did walk home feeling much lighter and happier. I feel calmer than I have in weeks :thinking:


First, congrats for your experience.

You have felt him yourself, since you feel calmer and lighter as you said. However, do mind that he always hears our prayers and he always comes when summoned.


Thankyou, I need to be more open. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the footsteps Im still thinking about it. The field looked like I was in a dream/video game, everything looked brighter and the blue hue was bright but subtle at the same time??, when I stood up everything looked harsh and plain as it had before. I had a strange sensation on my head the only way I can describe it was like someone was holding my hair up from the bottom. I’m going to try again soon in the meantime will keep his sigils nearby :slight_smile:


Yes, he can definitely have this effect. :sun_with_face:

What you’ve written reminds me of my own experiences with him. I can assure you that he heard you! He is very kind if you meet him with the right attitude, and has a lot of appreciation for sincerity and respect, which you have displayed toward him.

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I’m guessing you’re experiences were positive then I’m really glad to hear things went well for you too… do you mind telling me one? :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh wow Thankyou for sharing, really. It sounds as if it’s a happy marriage :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I felt nervous as well I know what you mean, i had a similar experience. I said that if he would help me with my petition I intend to use the benefits for good. I had an intense wave of emotion and then it cleared and I went home happy. I’m not 100% yet but I definitely have felt a huge weight lift.
I had some interesting dreams the day before I did the evocation, they were very clear :thinking:
I hope you are continuing to heal with King Paimons help of course.



I will it was a strange dream. I think I’ve figured out the meaning. I wish you lots of peace and healing also :kissing_closed_eyes:

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