First Evocation of King Paimon

Hi guys!
I just did my fist evocation of King Paimon. And so far this day has been perfect for it at first I wasn’t sure of a date I was going to do because I wanted to be home alone. I was off today and the only one home - then I was trying to decide if when I was going to do it when the power went out (the breaker is literally broken) so I took it as a sign! I got everything set up and began meditation- I never saw him appear but after a while I heard thunder and could feel him coming from that direction and then I started to sway which I don’t do. It was amazing! I asked my questions and finished up - it probably wasn’t the best being that it was my first but I feel like I’ve finally entered the open door that has been in front of me my whole life and I’m excited about the next steps!!!


King Paimon is great to work with. He has taught me so much. A mighty King indeed.


Awesome work! Thanks for sharing!