First evocation of King Belial

Hi, I am totally new to LHP and evocation. Two years ago, my life changed to worst. Like riches to rags. I come from India where you have joint families and the business is controlled by the head of the family. My parents and siblings took over my holdings in the property and business and kicked me and my family out one fine morning. I have a wife and kid. No money, no place to go, no friends, no relatives to ask support from. I devoted my life for my parents and siblings.
Long story short, we struggled a lot but now totally exhausted. Was willing to give up life, even my kid and wife. Then my wife, an avid reader came across this forum. We were strong believers of God. But she started calling Dantallion. Said after all when willing to die, then why not try demons, enough believing in God. Small changes happened. She got a job after 20 years of no job experience. But still now things couldn’t be managed.
I was devastated. Stopped prayers, and complete belief in Gods. We both evoked Belial one week ago just with a sigil and candle. Saw moment in the flame. Nothing more. Two nights ago we did again. Same way, but this time we offered body fluids and the sigil was a picture in my mobile. So kept the fluids on the mobile screen.
After few minutes, we i closed the eyes and was requestimg Belial when my wife asked me to see the screen. To my amazement, the screen was moving up and down so fast like somebody is doing with the finger. It happened for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Then at once it stopped on the sigil of Belial and the sigil expanded to full screen. We were just staring. After 5 seconds, it came to normal size and the screen moved down totally like the 1st line of the page was visible.
We thanked Belial.
Please, anyone can say whether this was sigh given by Belial?
I would highly appreciate your input. We have no knowledge about all this nor can we hear or sense or have psychic abilities. But we have immense pain in heart.
Thank you all.


It might’ve been given by Belial, I am open to discussing my experience if you’d like to use mysticism to improve your life .

I do feel it is him giving a sign. I recently started working with him myself. He has come to me in couple different ways. He comes to me a lot before I lay down as its my most relaxed state and easier to hear and see.

Keep going. Maybe try his enn?

Lady_Eva has a lot of really helpful information on him. It helps me a lot.

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can u tell me what forms he came to u in? and what signs did he give u

I’ve seen him as a man with eyes deep like void, I’ve seen spirals a lot with him but I get his sigil most.

I’ll send rest in PM as I don’t want to derail the OP topic.

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awesome i appreciate it. let me know if u can’t pm so i could start it with u. also i would love to have discussion with you on king belial

Whatever you ask of King Belial he will grant within reason. But it will require work, and you WILL be put through some shit. It may not be immediately but it will happen. He’s very much a harsh teacher. I mistakenly thought I got off easily but my lesson came hard eventually.
However, it’s absolutely worth it. Just make sure to honor any bargains you make. If you say you’ll do something, you’d better do it.


oh trust me i just made a pact with him… its so heavy on my heart and i am not complaining really. but i am taking pride of my sacrifice to him and i am sure he knows it.

Thank you note_dude. I would appreciate every help I can get. Please…

Hi Darkprincess, sorry., I forgot to mention that I was using his enn while meditating on his sigil. And surely, I will check out Lady_Eva. Thank you.

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Drak princess, please send the rest in pm, and thanks in advance.

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Fallen Human, not sure how to pm here.

@Painon, I’ll honour my commitment, thanks.

:heartpulse: Love Duke Dantalion :heartpulse::heartpulse: Love King Belial​:heartpulse:

Just curious what does this have to do with the OP actual thread post? @Belial_Belial

We try to keep the threads to what the OP stated or asked. Sometimes we can offer what we experience for them to see.

I think they’re one of those I’m fucking a demon, everyone must know how awesome they are, and scream it from the rooftops.
Alrighty back to the OP post.
@6_6_6 yes I think it’s a sign, it sounds like him, I would definitely say it’s a positive sign. You can ask King Belial to give you signs in your dreams, just keep a dream journal and keep an eye out for anything that repeats. Or whatever your instinct tell you is important.
I do also recommend meditation, and learn to banish and cleanse your home. It’s one of the basics every occultist should learn, that and how to ward your home. I’ll be back with a link for the needed info.

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@anon33099313 thanks a lot for the info. I have just begin my journey into occult. Have been doing banishing sword ritual. Any other tips are heartily welcome.

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Check out the link I put on my previous post, it should hold all the information you’ll need.
Also look up the elder futhark runes, some are used for protection. Use those for warding your home, imagine your energy to make a barrier on your doors and windows.
Charge, olive oil, vegetable oil, whatever oil you have with your energy and the intent to protect and keep harmful spirits out. Then use the oil to write protective runes above your doorways and windows, while visualizing the energy barrier forming.
That’s how my mother and I do our wards, they do work. But you have to check on them and re do them now and again. I think every week would be a good idea

Another one if making an energy ball, form your hands into a shape that looks to be holding a ball between then both. Now your going to start visualizing your energy, moving down your arms and through your hands, and forming a ball between them.
After a while you should be able to feel it in some manner, whether the energy pushes back or just feels hot or cold to the touch is individual.
This exercise is so you get use to manipulating and feeling your own energy. This energy ball, you can program it to heal or hurt, just be careful with what you do with it after.
Making wards or shields, is easier when you have a good feel and understanding of your own energy.
Alrighty I think that covers it, you should enough information and tips to have a good base. Good luck! And welcome to balg

@anon33099313 thanks alot, will do.

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