First Evocation of King Belial went well?


Have you had good results from him with requests?


Yes. Just last night I had asked him to bring me a pretty girl with a Tiny Butt. I was mostly making food and beverage offerings throughout the day. On the way home from work I ran into and had met this woman in very tight jeans (not fat) ans thigh high black leather boots. She had a manfriend though. Judging how they were sitting towards each other it gave me the feeling she may of been into freaky stuff or just my intuition. Anyway, the hot female offering he gave me put me into a great mood and I slept very well on my way home.

Nothing big lately. I have plans for that though.


You always seem very randy lol :joy:


Its important for my health. Just looking at her was “healing” me.


What plants and herbs does king belial likes?


Mullein is stated on the Black witch S website. I like those too. They are also ok to grow in my Country.


I am 2 days into quitting smoking for Belial. I just bought a vape cig for nicotine withdrawal to use in dire withdrawal , I hope this counts as still as not smoking to him :thinking: Just to get rid of the nasty mood swings and occasionally have one puff.


I was cranky for a couple of weeks while going through the withdrawals. It does get easier with time.


I have quit before, I started again last year. Stupid habit . Thanks, I hope it passes quickly but I am determined to never light up again.


Had a weird night last night. I wouldn’t say Nightmares, but a night full of things from my subconscious I had buried long ago. I never have that.

I meditated on his Enn today and told him I had already put into action the three things I said I would. I felt energy.


Ten days after my request to King Belial. I have kept my side up and quit the smoking. I am seeing definite changes happening that I asked for.

I got his Sigil engraved onto a plaque as he wanted and somebody stole it , I wouldn’t like to be the person who took that as I told Belial and he was not happy by the energy I felt. Oh dear !


Not going to be w good day for that person I would think.


It was stolen from my post box as I asked for it to be delivered. It was in a large brown envelope, so they could have thought it to be worth something??? I evoked Belial and told him and I ordered another.

I wonder whether he will pursue this or screw them over? I am new to Belial so I have no idea


The first time i evoked him, my entire body felt like it was full of electricity and my ears were ringing like police sirens! Now i just feel tingling in hands/feet


So I just can’t stop learning more about King Belial.

Here’s one of my experience:

I am a heavy smoker (like maybe 1-2 packs a day). But, I swear after I think he successfully heard me and we got the connection, I can barely smoke 3 sticks per day. I hate the taste and smell of it all of a sudden. Was it another coincidence? I don’t think so because I tried many method in stopping to smoke but I failed then talking to King Belial happened and that’s where it changed.