First Evocation of King Belial went well?

I did my first Evocation as planned with King Belial last night.

I had researched for over a month so I knew what not to say and offerings he would like.

I started the Evocation and I personally covered his seal with blood without being asked and chanted his Enn.

I felt his energy come in slowly,not hard hitting like some others.

I put my request forward to him and showed him the anger I have for the issue, his energy seemed pleased.

I pledged to continue quitting smoking and dedicating it to him along with a huge offering of things he likes.

Now, as the Evocation was silent of verbal Communication from Belial, I went by the strong energy in the room which felt kind, strong, accepting and almost like he was expecting me. I heard a few bangs in the room.

I have felt great since, peaceful. Is this a non verbal sign he has accepted my request? I certainly felt no hostility

Overall, I like King Belial. Very powerful as we all know but a cool spirit / God to be around last night for myself.


:hugs: nice! Belial is cool! Good luck :kissing_heart:

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Thanks. I found his energy really good to be around. Very different (obviously) than Lucifers.


Good luck, I was evoking him too this past week… I am hoping he heard my rquest too :slight_smile:

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Did you get his energy or anything else?

Well I am not sure what kind of energy, but when I chanting I am feeling cold around my neck

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Bangs are always a good sign.


Yes. I also had a great and peaceful nights sleep and could relax with the energy. For me, that is another good sign.


I have yet to work with him but I do feel a pull towards him. It’s good to hear that his energy wasn’t overwhelming. From all I’ve read about him he seems to be quite intense.


I got more intensity in the day before the ritual when I printed his sigil and meditated to his Enn. He knew I was going to come to him, he knows everything.

The strongest energy I have ever felt was Andras and then followed by Lucifers darker aspect the he was angry (not at me) .

King belial felt powerful as he is. But I did not feel ill or drained at all. I had a warn feeling coming from inside to outside .


I plan on suffering the agony of Nicotine withdrawal for him and evoking him in 2 weeks with another offering and not mentioning my request. I will leave that with him totally.

How you receive him may be also a reflection of the magician. I was strong but respectful and made sure I knew my stuff. Some youngsters may evoke and call him Lord or Father and other newbie mistakes or try and boss him about. I would never do that. It also may help that I have worked well with Lucifer for years, who knows?


I quite smoking a number of years ago. It was rough for a couple of weeks but worth it in the end. Sounds like a good sacrifice to make.


Yes, it is the kick up the ass I needed. I dare not break it now and have ‘just one’ . I will save money and improve my health. I have quit before for a few months and once the agitation subsides It’s ok.

Great that you quit!


I am going to stick to making my life better on my own and sticking with what I said I would to King Belial and update with any results to what I asked him with help with, if and when they happen.

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I’m interested in knowing how it works out for you.

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I will keep you informed. x

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I have just ordered my 10’ by 8’ Aluminium Door plaque with Belials sigil engraved on, as I wanted to do this as an offering to him.

The plaque people did not say much so far :joy:

I plan on having that in an area of my Garden with Plants and herbs growing that he likes. :slight_smile:


My workings with him have been silent as well. He has only spoken to me in a lucid dream so far. His energy comes on slow for me but gets incredibly intense, usually an overwhelming sense of power. I always feel completely drained afterwards. Some people are able to hear him speak right away, so its nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t lol


No. It takes time for me. I heard Lucifer after he got to know me. Even now it is short and to the point.

I heard Andromalius after our 10th Evocation and even then it is short, to the point and direct. Like a thought placed into my head in a male voice.

I never hear voices any other times my day to day life, so I got direct replies only when I needed them during Evocations.

I do get lucid dreams and energy around me during the day from various spirits ‘checking in’ . I like that.

I am more of a ‘feeling’ person than ‘hearing’ I also see stuff sometimes. The exception being Andromalius’s serpent which hissed at me :slight_smile:

I see people who get paragraphs of cool stuff and I Don’t… But I get results 99% of the time so can’t complain


Having heard difderent spirits piping in, I always knew it waa him because his direct and to the point comments would always hit home. As if he wasnt just simply telling me the truth, but also rather the alternative truth no one else would say. Alot of interesting knowledge comes from him. Amidst the chaos of others he is like that one that cones out of nowhere and is unmistakeable.

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