First Evocation, Need some help and advice

Hello, my name is Taybien,

I’ve been studying magick, witchcraft, and the occult for a while now but practicing is something I’m just now getting into because of living reasons. I have two magickal circles made, the universal one and the angel one. I was wondering what entity you all could recommend for me to use. You can list their purpose and reasons why you love them. I just like to hear from other before I start so please feel free to give me advice and helpful tips. (Also apart of the mastering Evocation Course but still like to hear from the forums)
Thank you all

Stay Taboo,


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King Paimon

Don’t let the idea that you can’t or shouldn’t evoke a Daemonic king for your first evocation, because you’re “not worthy” or “not ready” that’s bullshit.

Don’t expect anything crazy either
Evocation at its basis is to summon forth the presence of a spirit…
That means the chances of you seeing these guys in a tangible form or being able to hear them is not likely.

You’re probably just gonna feel a presence, just speak your request and be polite, and honest.

Also try to evoke these guys with an intention already?
what do you want?

Talk to them to!
Have fun with them, become friends with them don’t just call these guys and forget them that’s when things really kick off.


Depends entirely on what your first material concrete goal is - not “more power” (to summarise) but what you wish that power to be used for. :smiley:


If you want to open your psychic senses, Sastan can help you with that. You can find the sigil from EA’s Mastering Evocation workbook.


You may summon the elemental kings (Ghob, Nicksa, Paralda…), planetary and Zodiac entities or perhaps even the elements, planets and signs themselves. They are associated with various goals but all the Spirits can be contacted also for a reason concerning growth, microcosm/macrocosm balance etc.
Try evoking Metatron himself or archangel Michael (both the Ur Group and the hermeticist Kremmerz suggested the Sunday “oration” from Heptameron as a mean for magical advancement).


For a first evocation, I would summon Paralda, Elemental King of Air.

He is very helpful, not prone to mischief, and, for a beginner, is easier to evoke as the elements are closer to the physical plane than the demonic or planetary.

(If you have the evocation course then you know Paralda is the first evocation to help open your senses.)


Prince Orobas