First Evocation, God El

After i learn about “this” god! and after i asked someone in This forum! I try to evoke This god!
ok, and this is the result
i will update the progress soon

  1. My method is simple, is like an invocation, chanting the name
    i copy His image from google

and i chant His name
and i meditate to his image

and i call him

“Oh the strong one Thee, i invite”
“King of The gods i invite thee”
“Father of All gods, thee i invite”
“The mighty One, thee i invite”
“Thee, who called by the name Shaddai, Sabbaoth, Elyon, Olam”
“Thee, My protector”
"Thee, The King of an angel"
i invite, by the power of your glory, and power
manifest now, show me your pressence!
i want to worked with you, and i want to understand your nature, your power, and build the relationship

and after i invite him

i see the unclear figure, like a man, with the glory who sits in the throne! with axe in his hand, and armor, but after that, he changed his appearance like a Man, with white beard, sit in white throne, with golden aura
and after that he disappeared

but suddenly, there is very big Light, like a sun, come to me! and surround me, its very hot! burning, and for an hour, i feel fever, very hot sensation!
it doesnt hurt me, but i just feel hot, but feel comfortable too, and secure sensation, and protection

HOT burning but feeling secure too!

i didnt hear his voice etc

my method is just, meditate, image and mini altar! its like i ever evoke another god, Hades, Kali etc

i will update soon, after i summon him again



i get a dream
that i have a children but its weird, very small, just a handful of hands

and i heard a voice
"eat him"
but i dont want to eat

i remembered chronus who ate his son

El is very related with Chronus


Interesting image, and the hand signs El uses.
Very interesting experience.

yes this predates judaism and christianity

and jews make their myths from this ancient religion and syncretise with yahweh
yahweh el

and the posture of jesus and god of christianity is very similar with this god