First Evocation (Duke Sallos)

So a few hours ago I did my first evocation ever. I made a sigil, turned off the lights and opened the lights of my Phone so i could see something. I said the enn a couple times and waited. I got pretty warm like really hot which rarely ever happens in my room since it’s always cold in here and I felt some pretty intense energy so I saw that as a sign that he’s present. I asked if he could make a girl that I love fall in love with me and i stated what he would get in return I haven’t heard anything. I expected a voice in my head to answer my question but that didn’t happen I thanked him for coming and I dismissed him. I feel like I did something wrong here ?

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Judging by the fact that it’s your first evocation, I’m assuming you’re a beginner and you cannot hear demons yet. I can’t hear them either, so I can’t tell you what it’s supposed to sound like. My guess is that you should just move on and wait a month or so and if it happens cool, if it doesn’t then try again and with Duke Sallos. Supposedly using a pendulum is easy for beginners. Maybe next time you can get a response from him that way. Good luck!

Don’t be disheartened!
I felt very much the same as you did in the beginning.
I would recommend using a scrying mirror or as I did my phone (turned off) so I had a ‘black mirror’ Leave the great Duke a shot of good quality whisky - I left mine on the fireplace for 24hrs.
I’ve still not heard the Duke voice but I did feel an overwhelming presence and it was incredible!!! For me, my room went cold and the atmosphere was quite dense but really calming.
My advise is BELIEVE and don’t give up!!! I’m a newbie myself and still perfecting this fine art.

The Duke works in different ways for everyone (so I’ve found), I’m still in persuit of my goal but last night I had a dream of my end result, I know the Duke is still helping me reach it.