First evocation. Don't even know em

I’m gonna try a evocation in the next few days but I have only a vague idea of who or what it is I’m calling.

I’ve had a moment of experience before with this spirit but nothing beyond that.

What are your suggestions?

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Focus on their energy and mental image.


I think I can pull that off

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Cool. Good luck :+1:

Don’t evoke before properly preparing for it.

What I mean is know the spirits abilities, what they do, how do they do it, read about other people experiences with the same spirit you are trying to evoke. You will get more idea/clarity/information about how to go about it :wink:

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That’s the thing I don’t even know who or what it is

then why do you wanna evoke it in the first place??
What do you wish to get out of the evocation experience??
Which spirit are you going to evoke?? Spirit got a name or sigil? Can you post a separate thread asking for people’s opinion about that spirit???

Never forget one thing -
Spirits have their own agenda too :wink: You might get taken advantage of, if you are not careful.

I thought o posted a link to it. But I woke up to a spirit

Then asked for info and now trying to get I touch with it

If you wanna evoke him, it’s your choice.

But it’s not a good idea to do for a novice evocator :wink:. I suggest you get some good experience in evocation, evoke some good easy to work with angels like Olympian spirits, archangels, etc. Open your astral senses - vision and hearing.

Then you Got nothing to lose knock on wood :wink:. He sure does not seem to be wanting to harm you. But, you can get back to this dude at a later date, when you have some experience in dealing with known spirits, that will give you experience on how to deal with this spirit of whom you know nothing. I hope this makes some sense.

Actually. I know how to ap I think I’ll go find him

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ah, you know AP then go for it.
But you gotta share your exp :wink:

Sure will

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Sorry but what is AP…:flushed:Blush-blush

Astral projection

Ok got it. Thanks

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