First ever magic ritual summoning Lucifer

Hi. Just joined a few days ago and decided to do my first ever ritual yesterday night. I decided to dedicate the ritual to Lucifer because for some reason I keep seeing material about Lucifer the past few weeks. In youtube suggested videos, in emails, etc. So I just went with that.


  • I drew his sigil on a piece of paper. Had to do it several times because I suck at drawing things. Music is more my forte.
  • I switched off all except one light which is the kitchen light so it was as dark as possible while still allowing me to see the sigil
  • I repeated Lucifer’s enn out loud a few times

I can’t say that I felt anything different as far as feeling a ‘presence’ or an ‘energy’ filling up the room. But there was a point in time in the meditation where I felt the urge to stop chanting and just putting forth my intent, which is that I need help with some work I’m doing.

After stating that intent, some old emotions came up from a previous toxic relationship and I started to tear up. I guess those were unprocessed emotions that I have to deal with. I asked for help with that too.

Crying was very therapeutic since I grew up in a culture where men are supposed to just suck it up and bear the burden so to speak. Which is fine but I do need a freaking break once in a while. Not sure how the dark lord feels about me crying in his presence. Not even sure if he was even there in the first place ahahahhaha.

Well I was tired after a long day with work and gym so I called it day after I’ve felt the emotions subside a bit.

I’d bought some dark chocolate a few days back to prepare for this ritual and just placed it on the sigil I drew and intended that as an offering to Lucifer. I left it there overnight and this morning I took the chocolate and disposed of it on the earth.

I read somewhere here that Lucifer likes chocolate. Also the fact that I shouldn’t throw the chocolate in the trash but dispose of it on the earth.

I’m not sure if it was ok to give the offering. Where I come from if you invite someone into your home you have to feed them. It’s only polite.

I also read that he likes candles and lavender. I’m planning to buy a scented lavender candle for the next ritual. Not sure if that’s ok?

All in all I think I’ll just keep doing the rituals and add things on as I go.