First ever Evocation

About to perform my first Demonic evocation within the next two days. I am feeling the quite natural ‘fear’ of the unknown right now, though I’m not sure fear is the right word. Perhaps nervous would be more apt. Anyhow, ive decluttered my outbuilding, gathered my supplies, got the procedure down to a T from Evoking Eternity, and so on.

Just wondering if any of you have any tips to offer, this being my first attempt? You have all been most helpful in the time i’ve been a member here thus far, and I thank you all.

If anybody could even share their own first experience, that would be most interesting also.

Thanks guys, Callum.

Open the sigil of a demon, or even just the one you want to contact.

See what happens.

Take a dive, you’ll be surprised how nice and warm the water is when you get in.