First entity you evoked?

I used the search but didn’t find a topic on this maybe i used it wrong. Sorry if this repeat if it is can you post the link. Anyways if not then what is the first entity you evoked and describe the expierence and how you went about it did you see the entity or just hear it or did nothing happen. If you made no contact but tryed again and had success what did you do different. I think this can help many and i would like to hear others techniques.

Also my laptop was recently stolen I’m currently using my cell phone. So i want to apologize in advance to any errors in the future.

First spirit I evoked was Astaroth… I didn’t knew what I was doing and what to expect

I was holding the sigil in my left hand… after speaking the conjurations there was a pull on the sigil like someone was taking the sigil away from my hand. Definitely I felt some force on my hand.

I took it as a sign that astaroth was there and spoke my desires. ( to win a lottery )

No jokes, next day someonegave me a lottery… I was sure that I am going to win and that …that lottery was sent by astaroth ( I thought so lol )

But I even didn’t won a cent …

This was my experience


the Angel of Light, from Kingdoms of Flames (i’ve seen his sigil first in Evoking Eternity)
Angel of Ascent

Deggal… yes… he was the my first contact. from that night, the “shaking” has been introduced into my practice, praise Him be!

I think that my higher self wanted Deggal to be my first, since His special power is something like a basic power you must take when playing a 1st level sorcerer

And he also one time literally ascended me when i was falling into the endless well…

Hello Merlin spelled backwards, aka Nilrem. First spirit I evoked was Astaroth but I’m too lazy to go into details right now, maybe later, I need to get back to watching Roswell. Never watched it in the 90’s when it was new and I realize what I missed all those years ago, love this show, it’s calling my name so maybe later.

The first entity I had contact with was Beleth, but the first proper evocation I did with the circle of salt and the black candles with his sigil carved into them was of Lucifer.

I felt immense pressure in the areas of my brow and crown chakras as if someone had their hands on each side of my head and was squeezing hard.

I didn’t actually see nor hear him, but I knew I could feel his energy. I asked a bunch of questions I never got answers to as I didn’t see or hear him that time so I asked him to leave. However ever after that I’ve felt confidence in my ability, I’ve felt fears that I’ve had since childhood melt away slowly and I’ve felt all of my senses opening slowly. Step by step.
And he’s the one I evoke most often still. I am always drawn to him most.


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Lilith was my first evocation, through a “Letter Of Intent” ritual. That was 5 years ago, and the result was overwhelming to say the least. She’s still with me, together with my “succubus” lady.