First encounter with King Paimon (Also notes on Duke Sallos and Agares)

Hey! Just a post about my experience with reaching out to King Paimon for the first time.
I have researched the great king for a little while before evoking him, and I’m going to describe my experience. It would be good to get some feedback from others, if anyone has any.

I know King Paimon prefers offerings, so I baked some chocolate chip shortbread cookies the night before and set it aside for the morning ritual which I would perform.

So I’ve been working with Duke Sallos, I feel like I have a good relationship with Duke Sallos, I have offered my blood to him on two occasions, the last time I painted my blood onto the sigil I made.Initially it was haed to understand what he was trying to teach me, but with time, patience and reflection I think I know, and Im still on that path. I am not ready to close the gate between us yet. I still feel he has more to teach me in terms of the relationship area of my life (I struggle with past trauma and massive insecurity issues which have killed all of my relationships and hindered me thus far…)
But I wanted to evoke King Paimon for other reasons.

Anyway, the ritual:

I prepared my space with elemental objects and white candles in the four corners, and set my cookie offering in the West corner for KIng Paimon.

At the start of the ritual, after meditation, I reached out to Duke Sallos and expressed my thanks and respect then explained my intentions to work with King Paimon. I basically said everything I mentioned above, respectfully, with an open heart, and then bid him farewell/ closed contact. (I always close the meeting but state that the gate between us will remain open.)

I did the LBRP and faced the west corner.
I chanted King Paimons Enn while meditating into the flame of the candle, then I set about drawing his sigil on paper while chanting his Enn the whole time. First I drew it in pencil, then went over it in pen.
I had another ‘sympathetic magic’ object with me, which would be part of my request/pact.
When I felt it was right to speak, I openly stated why I had evoked him… which was to teach me to spread my enternal flame (black flame of Lucifer) through my art. I asked him to look inside my heart and stated that I already have the will and work ethic, I just need help to get myself out there.
Also - on behalf of my partner I made a more specific request, relating to a job manifestation which would also help him to spread the black flame of Lucifer through art.

I gazed into the sigil for some time, meditating on it, occasionally chanting the enn. It appeared to glow gold for the rest of the time I was gazing at it.

I don’t get actual visual or audio from demons, in my experience so far (which is limited!) but I get feelings of presence. I felt a presence which was very calm. Not at all intimidating. I have to admit I had a fear which came and went before this evocation, but I felt such a nonchalant (yet obviously powerful) presence that I had to re-tune myself into it. I don’t know what I was expecting.
I just tried to be there with this presence for some time, tune in, understand it… I said a few more words of respect, offered the offering, then touched my head to the ground before the sigil to part ways. (I think that’s a habit of hindu tradition maybe…)

The offering I gave out at work the next day - just like we do in the Hindu tradition, distributing the offering to others.

So… that’s it. First encounter with the great king. I feel like I want to evoke again, I just want to be in his presence and try to connect. My intentions are pretty clear whereby I want help to acheive my life’s passion, which I believe is in accordance with spreading the light of Lucifer - and in turn the light and knowledge of King Paimon, through art and writing. I think I just need to maintain contact… Any advice? How often can I envoke?

Side thought on my exstrong textperience with Goetia so far and feeling the presence of Demons:
The first time I evoked, I evoked Agares. I don’t think this was so succesful, I wasn’t attuned properly back then. I didn’t made as much effort because I wasn’t experienced at all. I don’t remember much about the presence I felt - I think I tried to imagine his image more than I tried to ‘feel’ him. I did evoke several other times. It was in desparation to learn language. But I’d like to work with him again and make a new sigil etc.

Second I worked (and I’m still working with) Duke Sallos. This was a changing experience for me. The presence I felt was certainly quite pronounced. I wrote another post about that. I love the presence of Duke Sallos in my life at the moment and feel like he’s taking me through a process of learning. There is an open gate between us…

Now this time with contacting King Paimon, I feel sure that I felt a presence which was different in ‘personality’ to Duke Sallos… Although I made my intentions clear, I’m still in the process of learning and understanding him… Lets see what this chapter brings…


The duke and the king have different energy’s but both awesome. I have the same thing with insecurities in love and such and the duke has helped me. He reminds me of a badass uncle baba


Congrats! King Paimon’s energy isn’t intense in the way most people believe. It’s calming but warm. I believe he heard you and he will be willing to work with you and teach you.

I hope it goes well for you!


Thank you :slight_smile: