First Demon to contact

Hello All!

I am new to Demonolatry. I have been studying the Demons recently and am thoroughly enjoying my study.

I am curious… can the experienced community suggest a Demon that would be best to work with for a TOTAL newbie to the Demon pantheon? (For example… in the pantheon that I currently work with, there is a particular deity that you work with when you first start… he is the road opener and nothing can be done without him.)

Thank you!!!


King Paimon, Lucifer or Belial

Someone less intense - spirit of seership - Sastan

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King Paimon, most definitely. He seems to be more communicative, and more forgiving than many others. And he genuinely cares about the outcome, even if you don’t, which is a plus for beginners.


I’d suggest whatever one you want, mainly because there’s no such thing as beginner demons to start with, as how they are with one person might not be how they are with you. Besides there’s many demons outside the Infernal pantheon, and within it that’s not the goetia or their highers like Asmodeus and such.

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Interesting. Makes sense what you are saying. I get that. I just didn’t know if there was a Demon who’s energy might be too powerful/dangerous for newcomers.

I would suggest Lucifer, he seems to be a favourite for beginners, easy to connect with and welcoming energy.


Most know how to soften their energy if they wanted to tbh.

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True. Makes sense. Thanks

Thank you…by Sastan…do you mean Satan…or is there actually a demon named Sastan?

Hmmm…interesting. I’ll definitely research him. I heard someone else relaying positive things about him as well. Thank you!

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Got it! Thanks. I thought about him as well!

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Hope it goes well.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Orobas, Agares, and, Naberius, come to mind as good first summons. They’re fairly chill and welcoming towards beginners.


Hmm. Thank you. I’ll look them up. Haven’t heard about them yet

Like everyone else here, I can’t stress King Paimon’s positive influence on my life. I’ve been a practitioner since I was a teen, but I turned a new leaf and gained a level of maturity and knowledge that I wouldn’t have if King Paimon hadn’t reached out to communicate.

When I FIRST discovered demonolatry (i’m talking 15/16 years old) it was Astaroth that took my hand and built me into the adult I am today.

King Paimon has always stressed the importance of contacting other spirits for help in any way that will better me as a magickian, so do not think that if you begin a partnership with him that you will not be allowed to devote your energy to anyone else.

I also always tell people that if you are reading and a certain demon sticks out to you and fills you with excitement, it is because they want to talk to you.

As a naive, food-deprived magickian high on ambien and sleeping outside in a tent, I was given the ultimate smackdown by King Paimon (I disrespected him – I didn’t know how to speak to him yet – he took that chance to infiltrate my dreams and show me my worst fears in the most horrific sequence of events that I have EVER experienced)

But he also revealed to me my natural affinity in necromantic magick, in which he sent me towards Radahel, who he and I eagerly began an intense partnership. I learned SO much. Radahel taught me how to respect the dead, how to believe in myself in order to learn to stop being afraid of the dark as well as entities that emanate fear (but have my best interest at heart).

Once Radahel saw to that I was not ready for the rest of what he has to show me, I was sent back to King Paimon, who has since helped me reach out to Lucifer.

Now Azazel has called to me in my dreams, and through research, I found that he has called to me in so many other ways that I never saw.

Really – Astaroth as a TRUE NEWBIE
King Paimon who showed me I don’t really know as much as I thought

Follow your intuition! Best of luck!


Wow! Great response! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Looks like I’m gonna have to go with King Paimon since he’s getting all the rave reviews… you said you disrespected him… any advice on dealing with him so I can avoid that… I don’t have time in my life for angry Spirits from any Pantheon! :joy:

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Basically, I didn’t treat him like the King he is. Call him KING Paimon, say “Your Majesty”, speak of him like “His Majesty” etc. He is very proud of being a King – if you were to meet a king RIGHT NOW, how would you prepare? I’m sure you would take a good shower/bath, look presentable, and treat him with the utmost respect. You must approach him in this way.

He can tell the difference between someone who is just naive (in which he will teach you lessons you are better off learning) and someone who is blatantly going out of their way to be an asshole. He will become frustrated if you don’t put in work to open your senses enough in order to learn from the lessons he gives you to change your attitude and approach. He is very plain and simple when he tells you not to do something because he doesn’t appreciate it. But if you don’t put in real hard work to HEAR him, he will not waste his time.

Be honest. Tell him you want to evoke/invoke him because you just wanted his help, and prove that you trust him. He put me through a few tests – he wants to see that you truly believe in him.

If you are in a bad place in life, he will set things straight, and you will know it is him because the results will come FAST. I’m talking minutes here.

But you must be open to understand his lessons, realize that he gives YOU the tools to achieve your goals, he is extremely kind and patient, and will help you see your potential and destiny as a magickian – he loves offerings of green tea and personally I’ve gathered that he loves plum jam (You can invoke him and then eat plum jam on toast if you want, I think he also loves that) as well as anything creative (I wrote him a poem of praise) but his favorite offering of all is your time, your trust, your dedication, your motivation, your honesty, your humility, and above all, your TIME in learning and practicing what he has to offer. He is spending his time on you, so you must put in equal efforts.


Also, I found this candle at walmart named “purple sands” and it was his candle that i only lit for him. He really loved it. If you ever come across that candle, buy it for him. He also appreciated when I made room for him on my altar as a little space just for him, where I give him green tea and sometimes espresso. I change it out every day so it is is fresh. I also feel that adding honey to his tea and espresso would be great – I haven’t had the money to get him any raw, organic honey (you know, the kind that has the honeycomb in the jar with it) but I believe he likes honey.

He loves sweet scents. I make sure to take a ritual cleansing bath, and then use a perfume or body spray that is sweet, and be sure to dress appropriately – I don’t believe he likes being approached unless you are fully clothed – I learned this from someone else ( I think on this forum) because typically I do my rituals in the bath or naked – so be sure you are dressed.


Take into mind that a lot of this is information I have personally gathered, and everyone has their own relationship/partnership with the spirits they invoke/evoke, and if you are inspired in a different way, do follow your intuition.

Here is an example of his power in regards to creating fast results – I didn’t even ask him personally for this, either.

I was stessing out and feeling bad because I am unemployed and broke, but I felt that he deserved high quality offerings and rituals that I was unable to give him. I was going to do with what I had at the time anyway, so I began cleaning my bathtub to prepare a ritual cleansing bath before speaking with him.

My dad, who has never done this, came into the bathroom and handed me money just because he had some extra and wanted to help me out. As soon as I had spread the word of his power to my friend and spoke of how fast he makes things happen, within MINUTES, I had the money to go out and get a few items to praise him properly.

He is a king, and loves high quality teas and espressos (anything that gives energy, as well as sweets, as I’ve mentioned) and he WILL help you.

I truly love him and respect him. Building a relationship with him is extremely powerful.