First BoA Evocation - FAIL?




Evoke, scry, evoke, cast spells, meditate. Be constant! Make your ascension your number one priority. Work and work and work at it. Every second of the day. Even doing mundane tasks, find a way to implement occult principles. Be in constant communication with spirits. Open their sigils. Keep a pocked full of them. When you go to the bathroom, take a sigil with you. When you’re at your desk, open a sigil and try to connect. Look for spirits wherever you are. When you’re waiting in line, ask yourself, “are there spirits here? How many? Where are they? How are they standing?” (slight modification of a recommendation in Evoking Eternity)
Follow these instructions. I promise you, you WILL get results:

Just do it again and again. Man, I’ve been doing evocations nearly daily for the past 6 months now, and I’m just barely getting to the point to where I can see them with my physical eyes. And that’s considered fast. I would evoke daily for years if I had to. You may be one of the lucky ones who just suddenly gets it one day and BOOM, you’re seeing entities. But chances are, you’re one of us who has to work, and work hard at it. Evoke him again and again and again until you get the result you desire. Personally, I recommend the daily effort route. I know you can do it man. Just keep working at it. It’s not easy. It comes at a cost, but it’s worth every single second of it. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Sukujin”]Thanks DK, all your advice is gold as usual.

I do have a question re scrying, I havent done much for years because I could never work out how to direct the vision, I would get random visions that didnt ‘seem’ to reveal much of value.

How do I actually direct a scrying session to a particular outcome or target?


At one point, I too had chaotic visions that had nothing to do with what I was aiming for. With practice, and a bit of will power, I got the visions under control. Almost too undercontrol. If I’m not careful I can think a thought, and the vision will form to it. I can cause people in the scrying visions to look at me and flip me off - hehe. But at that point, it becomes a balancing act. Again, all things come with consistent practice. Just keep scrying. Put your intent into it. Will the scene to change and morph into what you want to see. It does take some practice. But it’s definitely possible.


@Sukujin…I am interested in the upcoming comments from everyone. Reason, I have just about eliminated copal and incense burning completely as it is a very great irritation and creates a heafty sinus problem for me. I just decided to stop burning all of it and I painted a triangle with a circle in it on a board and placed it on my altar and use a scrying mirror placed within the circle. I sit and look into the mirror sometimes with eyes open or closed depending on what is going on. I have begun to see movement and shadows as well as swirling smoke of itself created, to form over the mirror area, and at other times I begin to see the outline of beings form for a while and then leave within the mirror itself as it lies flat within the circle.

One thing, I do know whenever the being has “entered the area” whether it be from bolts of energy hitting me and running all through my body, or candle flames changed really a great deal, or even loud noises or sounds coming at the right time…it is obvious what has entered the room…I may be a little different than some as I do not drink or smoke or use any drugs as I personally feel one can accomplish the outcome with your own efforts just as well…but that is my own opinion and may not be for everyone.

The four Watchtowers or Guardians I always begin calling and I always see them in a very clear, mental image (I sit and do not even move around to the direction as I close or open eyes call them and I can see and know they are there. I always ask that they join in as I do not command those as they are my family, or I am their family… part of each other…

Just like your human family…there are those you are very familiar with and then there are people or persons you will meet for the first time…some you get to know better than others…some you only meet once in a while…but respect for this element will get you a better relationship…

Anyway, I am rambling…good morning…smile.------so I said all that to say I do not use any smoke…



Last night was my first evocation and i had decided that Azazel would be my subject. The location i chose to perform the rite was out in the wilderness on top of this bunker-like concrete structure overlooking the city, so i donned my hoodie and leather jacket (it’s a wintery 8 degrees outside) and began the 15 minute hike, repeating Azazel’s song.

I didn’t notice any wind once i reached the location, so i set down my tarpaulin, circle of pacts, candles, censer and incense, but after lighting the candles it was evident that there was a constant breeze which deterred the incense smoke from accumulating before me. This definitely planted doubt in my mind about witnessing the materialisation, but either way i continued with the ritual.

Having followed all of the necessary procedures to the best of my abilities in that current situation, i too couldn’t notice any abnormal sensations throughout the evocation despite noticing shadows moving around me with my peripheral vision when setting up the circle. However, after listing my tasks and asking if he accepts them, i heard a sound coming from the thick bushes to my left/West that unmistakably sounded like a whispered “yes”, which was enough assurance for me. I closed the ritual, packed up my things and went home feeling content.

I’m thinking i might need to source out another less windy location to perform evocations in the future, or ideally, master scrying so i can work within my apartment.