First attempt at a curse

Hello all,

I’m planning to attempt the insidious curse E.A. Koetting posted. This would be my first real attempt at a curse. I’d appreciate anyone more experienced answering a couple of questions.

Does attempting more than one person at a time cancel or hurt its efficacy?

One of the people I’m cursing, I don’t have a recent photo of, although I do have the birthday. Will an old photo (childhood) work? If not, are there alternatives if I don’t have a picture?

Will any crossroads work?

Thanks in advance. I plan to attempt this either Friday or Saturday night.

It is best to focus on one person at a time like a fine laser. Take your time. Some curses from start to finish are a few minutes each depending on the ritual used i.e “simple ritual” vs “grand ritual”

Any photo should work. If it’s directed at the same person I don’t think age matters

I can give you directions to a voodoo spirit if you prefer that, several but it should be taken with extreme cautions

I’ll take the directions. What caution should I take?

There is a great way to make a link even without a photo - really this should be done always.
Watch and learn

spirit powder is then used alongside for dressing candle or such. Very effective and makes a really strong link.



can you please dm me the directions?