First ap experience :

As recommended by a Goddess, I decided to try out AP for the first time. I used a guided medidation as I felt it would be easier.

I can’t remember shit. I did however leave my body and linger around by room for a while. In my minds eye, I saw myself as a golden orb floating around but at the same time, I was viewing things though my souls eyes. I also recall seeing stuff like vents but when I redirected my focus, they faded.

Once I was done I was exhausted. Need a ton of peanut butter to recover my energy.

My question is, is it normal to experience this during the first experience?


First of all: congratulations. Incredibly well done. AP can be one of the harder things to do mainly because most people have these mental blocks that prevent them from success.

Anyway back to the topic. As with all things, the more you do it the easier it gets. It was just like that for me as well when I first started out. Then, during the holidays, I astral projected like twice a day or something and it got a lot easier to stay outside and find the right amount of focus. I wasn’t drained either after that.
In other words -> You are like a kid trying to learn how to walk. It will be a little bit more draining for you than someone who is doing this on a daily basis, but as you practice more and more, it will require a lot more for you to get exhausted like that.

Hope this helped in some way, shape, or form.


I’m attempting to project as well. I found out that using an indirect method is easier and works faster then a direct method. My method of choice being “The Phase” method, to try and separate apun awakening.

Seems like you did a good job!


It’s normal to feel drained after a first AP experience. You should do some energy work to recuperate and to help project more easily. Also, if you want to remember your APs, you should keep a dream journal. Strengthening your connection to your dreams and getting a feel for that part of your subconscious can really help bring clarity while you are out of body. There’s a book called Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce that may help. There’s also one called Mastering Astral Projection: 90 Day Guide to Out-Of-Body Experience that works better with a schedule

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This is the perfect way to describe it!

I find a guided method to be easier.mostly because I’m still learning to control my monkey mind lol

I prefer to do this in the day though but ill take your advice.

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