First Anniversary Here: Friday the 13th

Been here a whole year. E. A. admitted in a video he can telepathically talk to people. Makes me feel a bit less crazy.

Have I actually done any good here? Should I stay or should I go?

I honestly thought I wouldn’t be here this long. It’s surprising.


Congratulations :smile:


Personally, I think you should stay if you’re getting something out of the forum for yourself. Even if it’s only a bit of company, or that it’s rewarding for you to help folks now and then.

If you’re really not getting any kind of benefit without that validation that someone got helped, I think it’s no negative reflection on you if you chose to spend your time on something more enjoyable and reciprocal. There will always be others to help them, and your energy may be needed more somewhere else.


Happy anniversary :blush:,
it really does have to be your choice…I agree with @Mulberry no one here can ask you to stay, it has to be based on your own thoughts and feelings…and then only you can action this.

Personally I kinda like your input,
But you must decide if this forum is still beneficial to your journey.

I havent been here that long but ive seen a lot of your posts and they have been very helpful. So i believe you should stay, unless you feel this forum is too much of a waste of time in your life. Happy 1st anniversary!

Yes you have done good here Purple.
You have shared what you have learned and offered opinions and I am sure you have helped a lot of people to understand or at least look at some things from a different perspective.

To stay or go is your choice but a lot of people do like to read what you write.