Fire Visions

I’ve yet to make one of these and not sure if I am allowed to but I figured some member of the forum may enjoy this one as it is a manifestation evocation more than anything else.

So let’s begin.

Index :
Pros Of Ritual

Ingredients -
2 Black Candles
1 Bright Red or Orange
Gold thread to lace between the candles
2 mirrors (similar to the creepy pasta Three Kings ritual, just less overplayed.)
2 chairs and a table.

Setup -

  1. Begin by placing the two chairs on opposite ends of the tables and place a mirror on the remaining sides of the table.

  2. Place both black candles in front of the chairs. Place the red candle in the middle of the table.

  3. Place the sigil / spell you would like to evoke / invoke under the red candle.

  4. Circle the table with salt, I know some people don’t believe in this but it will help with the sub-conscious effect more than anything. Also begin by placing a method of protection by the red candle as well, the placement does not matter, your mind will place it where it needs to be.

  5. Sit down at the table on either side that has a chair.

Ritual -

Beginning the ritual is not always easy because there are distractions in the world, before beginning this ritual turn off all electronics, lamps, any no-natural energies must be removed.
Anyway, once you have made sure to remove all un-natural distractions you may begin.

  1. Begin by reciting your proposal / will of intent to the red candle. The sigil / spell should already be under the red candle as you are wanting to remember them before you begin. Showing the entity / will that you have given thought to this path you are choosing.

  2. Light the red candle after inciting your prayers as some may call them. Thread the gold string from the red candle to the black candles.

  3. Light the two black candles after the red one makes it’s first flicker of light.

  4. Close your eyes and focus on the energy of the red candle, if it helps you can keep your eyes open but the goal is to force you third eye to open and stare into the flame. So please focus on the energy emitting from the flame.

  5. Begin taking deep breaths, on the inhale focus on pulling in the energy of the spirit you are requesting attendance from, exhale all of the energy you have placed negatively in yourself. Doubts. Negativity. All of it. Just visualize it leaving and being evaporated by the flame.

  6. Visualize your body becoming warm from the presence of the entity you have chosen to bring forth. This is when things will begin to take shape if you have done them right. It is also very similar to a beginning magickian ritual in feeling.

  7. At this point you should have successfully opened your perception / 3rd eye and may begin to listen to the message you are being delivered. If you do not hear the message right away, don’t worry they heard you and will begin moving things into existence if you memorized your spell and set up the table correctly.

  8. Once you have accepted the energies of the room, take the two black candles and place them by yourself, this is you accepting the offer of the energy / spirit. Blow the candles out and take your sigil and red candle in hand.

  9. Go outside, and burn the sigil / spell you have created with the red candle, once the paper begins to burn, blow out the candle.

  10. If you have done this correctly the paper should immediately set ablaze, if it does not, you are still in doubt and questioning the ritual and may have to perform it again under less mental stress.

  11. Go back inside and sit at the table, meditate on the feeling you have perceived and envisioned into your reality.

  12. Focus on them manifesting into your sight.

  13. Continue to breath deep, in and out, guide yourself through this process, counting 1… 2… 3… out… 1… 2… 3… in. Let your diaphragm control your energy.

  14. Stop questioning yourself and let it be. Focus on the immense energy inside yourself and the energy you are being given, begin to make them one.

  15. Once you have found peace within the ritual you may begin closing the ritual.

  16. To close out this ritual :
    Remove mirrors from the table and face them in a window looking outward.
    Take the candles and place them somewhere safe. (A ritual space.)
    Remove the table.
    Leave the salt over night and sweep it in the morning.
    Give thanks to the spirits / entities who have chosen to help your will.

Pros :

Once you have completed the ritual, if done correctly, you should feel the presence of energy around you at all times. If you already have this ability, you should begin to feel the specific energies you have requested begin moving around you. Continue to focus your intent until you perceive what you were meaning to create.


Interesting, ill have to try this some time, very nice!

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Can’t wait to hear your results. This is honestly the only “magick” ritual I know and it came to me through druid energy from a ritual I helped with the energy work.

Someone in the room claimed to be a “soul-collector” and they said it was a ritual they used often to collect energy of spirits willing to help them.

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