Fire scrying

So I decided to take EA’s advice from the mastering evocation course and start with fire scryin.
I’ve used water,mirrors,and incense plenty of times,but if there’s a reason to start with fire maybe I shouldn’t skip it.
My problem is the fire doesn’t stay lit that long and I feel like I’m being timed.
Also I don’t really know what I’m looking for because it all happens so fast.
I know it’s possible for entities to manifest in fire because of the picture on S.V.E’s thread about Sastan.
Any advice?

I always just use a candle. I tried Florida Water but I almost set my whole house on fire with that.

Do you get manifestations from such a small flame?

Also,a cool trick I invented with fire scrying: Use a base low to the ground,light a candle on both sides of the base,then take a small incense sensor and place it right in front of the fire.
If the flames are high enough it pulls the smoke in and creates a vortex ot tornadoe effect of smoke so you have smoke swirling around the flames.

It looks damn cool and provides a double manifestation base.