Fire Scry Identification

I kept seeing a dog, what seemed to be a dragon, possibly the X rune, and maybe a female.
Idk if the dog is anubis. what do you think from these?

I would say, since you are the scryer you should be doing the interpretation based on what these images symbolically mean to you. It’s similar to dream interpretation.

Not meaning to sound harsh, but, if you don’t know how to interpret your own work why do it? :thinking:


I think that @Mickie_mouse is asking for what others see in the flames. I don’t really get the feeling of that she doesn’t know how to read ?
After all it’s the doer that does he interpretation.
Or would you disagree with that statement @Mulberry ?

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I think I’m saying the same thing, at least I would hope the OP did thier own work, but that is not stated in the OP…
It’s not that useful to have a bunch of other people give you what dragons, dogs and random females mean to them. It’s what they mean to the scryer that matters.

Not least because the kind of dog, dragon, nauthiz, (the “X rune”) the history/background of these images to the operator and all the emotions and details that the operator saw in the living, dancing flames… and did not say above, are important.

I would go further, and say that it’s important to follow up on these images with research, and allow synchronicity to bring more meaning through that journey. It doesn’t help then if other people tell you anything, because they can’t do that personal work for you.

So this is the wrong question:

What others see in still shots of the flames is irrelevant at best and at worst, misleading and closes down the internal work the operator is supposed to be doing based on this experience. It becomes a waste of opportunity and effort.

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I can agree to some extent on your opinion but some cases do need a second eye on it. Granted not this case but for me you make it sound like it’s always this way and it’s not. So this

is what I read from her question.

And got nothing to do with other cases right.

Not sure what “this” is since the text got cut off, but we will have to agree to disagree :smiley:

While it’s quite common for people to view someone else’s targets accurately, they will still add thier own conscious interpretation that will be personal to them, not the OP. As a scryer that’s not what you want, you don’t need pollution from other people, you have to learn to trust your intuition or you will not develop it well and you can lose it.

This asking for others to tell you what you think, is a form of self doubt, and that gets in the way of your own magick.


That is very true but I take from her question that she has not worked that long with magic therefore the question. But yes it fuels the uncertainty of the object in question to ask.

Yes exactly, in this case getting other people butting in with thier interpretation is the worst thing you can do.

It gets in the way of learning, if they see something different it encourages more self doubt, ("why didn’t I see that, am I bad at this?") and can block off the impetus to learn and to research the symbols from a personal perspective. And as I said, that research could be the most important part, where synchronicity take you to places you would not find otherwise.

It does no good to give learners your answers when they need to do the work to understand it and themselves.

See @Mickie_mouse I’ll give you an example, to me, these things mean the following… thee might align for you, and if they don’t that’s ok…

  1. Dogs … hounds of hell, protectors, look up black spectral dogs
  2. Dragons … conduits of energy, good luck, wisdom
  3. Nauthiz … “Need fire”, means life lessons and urgency
  4. Female … Yin energy, receiving

Add it up, you are being told you have protection and are in a state of receiving wisdom, because you are a learner, you must learn this as a life lesson, that you are capable of learning anything you need to to bring good energy and luck into your life.

I just made that up, as anyone would… it’s generic pap, full of my opinion coming from my conscious mind, not what’s real in your subconscious, and might hit some spots and be wrong in others, it’s the wrong parts that could give you self doubt you don’t agree. You’re at the stag eof learning where it’s very important you learn to trust yourself, not lean on others to spoon feed you the answers.

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gotta start somewhere.


i find asking what others think. helps. doesn’t mean i’m going to believe it or go off of it solely that’s why it’s called an opinion or feedback from someone.


yk i see this site as the least from helpful. i tend to feel unwelcome.

Are you here to learn or to feel welcomed? Part of magick is being challenged. Challenges make us grow.

Plus, you’ve seen some of the content here. People work with spirits who don’t sugarcoat anything - so why should we sugarcoat?

With respect to all involved, asking for opinions on scrying does miss the entire point of scrying - it’s about the Operator alone and not opinions of others.


I do agree with you, however I also find sharing and mutually discussing helps grow bonds and strengthen a community which in my opinion sorely needs it.
Not alot of lhp or fellow magic community to go around, and thus some people use this forum as a way to express and socialize which includes things as a friendly, “what do you see when you scy this”


Don’t feel unwelcome because of some comments. Nothing rude was said, just talking back and forth. I think reading text can cause us to come off differently and it’s easy to take it the wrong way.

This is a great place to learn due to some of the “debates” held under topics and the huge selections of posts. Don’t take things personally😊 besides you’re new and still getting your footing with everything, same here!

Best wishes on your journey.


much appreciation