Fire manifestation

In my area APG, which is Adelaide property and gardens, usually do gardens in the group of units. Later that day after going for a walk, i notice pile of leaves, i was visualize it was on fire, after the fire went out, nothing burnt it all still as it was, but the flames had texture and body all the heap was on fire, when fire was gone there was no ashes. What is going on, i never use to be able to do it.:metal:

Yes that is correct, have you tried it, i seem to be doing it without knowing i using gamma brainwave, until someone tells me, then i try to use it another day, my mind seem to forget, i don’t know why, must be apart of my aspergers syndrome autism.

That is what i am trying to do when i use sigil magic. I find now when i go for a walk on a beautiful day, when i go back home my body is really over heating it is getting far to hot as well a experiencing Asphyxiation as well, i have to sit for a while so my whole body cools down.