Fire gazing meditation

I been doing regular meditation 6 months.
Where you get to lie down listen to some music and imagine your third eye opening.
It’s starting to get boring…
Today I tried to spice things up and tried something new.
I heard of the fire gazing meditation.
So I sat down opend a white candle and tried to gaze into the fire for 5 min, it wasn’t easy as I thought it will be.
I started to feel discomfort with in 1 min Idk how to explain, I wanted to get up and run around and trash things around, I think I got overwhelmed with a lot of energy.
At the end of The Meditation my vision sight start it to blur in and out of vision and I would feel dizzy and where my third eye are is started to feel warm and tingling.


  1. Is it ok if I blink? I tried not to but my eyes started to tear cry and burn a little.

  2. Is it ok to listen to some relaxing music during fire gazing meditation?
    It keeps the back ground noises from distracting me like my dog snoring loud…

  3. is it possible to astral project with fire gazing meditation?
    Still one of my biggest goals in life for now

  4. What should I visualize during fire gazing meditation?

  5. What can I get out of fire gazing meditation?

Please feel free to also share your experiences And if you have any tips or warnings.

I am interested into this meditation and I will be doing it for a while.
Any tips would be would be appreciated

Thanks a lot :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grin:


If you want real challenge for the third eye and really open it, then Sungazing, Moongazing & the gazing into the celestial bodies & darkness.


Sun gazing ? Wouldn’t that let me blind?


First hour in the morning, later hour in the evening. Start by doing 10 sec gazing first day & increase everyday 10 sec, until you can comfortably gaze 30 min-1h. Can be done on a surface of the water during daytime also.


Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchdasi.

It has a section on topic you are working on. Cheers!


No matter what anyone else says, it is never safe to gaze at the sun even with a reflective surface, please stay safe! I’m a Mom and a have some medical training, so I know. Just don’t go there please. xo Kathy


Sungazing or Solar yoga is an ancient method of watching into the Sun, doing it properly, it can have many benefits to person’s body and mind…


I beg to differ only because in all good conscience I cannot condone this action, it is NEVER safe and there is No proper way to do so! (unless you shield your eyes completely some way I can’t agree)


Most people who practice this do research on it. The practice and experience then and reap benifits of the practice. When ya dig into it there are alot of people who practice this and reaping health benifits from it.


You are speaking from magickal not from true reality here, sunlight is fine on the skin but even that can cause issues if overindulging in it, gazing at the sun is NOT ever healthful. What part of gazing at the sun being an unhealthy idea do you not get? I can’t dig into something which is false, as far as physical good… no doubts here. I won’t be looking into this! Pick my comment apart all you like it won’t make any difference to me nor change my opinion. I am done here. Have a good day all.

:vulcan_salute: :v:Stare at the Sun on Purpose

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Ok ok I love you all and thank you for sharing this with me :heart: I won’t be lookin at the sun but I will look at the candle fire and I will try the moon gazing. And I will also try the blue ray meditation.
I think everyone has the right to have his own opinion and we should respect that.

Thank you for the information guys! :grinning::two_hearts:

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:heart_eyes_cat: Cool and you’re welcome. Be well stay well and keep your head on straight. Science rules when it comes to safe practices for the health or spirit. You can’t eat sunshine! :smile_cat:

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