Fire element

I visualize fire coming into me from all around, and at the base of the spine, top of the head, chakras, etc.
Well I am getting to the point where my hands are burning before I go to sleep. My spine got real got up to about the 3rd chakra when I was about to fall asleep. Kind of painfully. Water element is the cure for excess fire of course. It is said that when the kundalini ascends the spine it is hot. I religious preacher/healer said his hands got real hot.
Also, Gopi Krishna has had similar experience that he states in his book Kundalini, An Evolutionary Journey Of Man.
Just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences.

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It was hot the first time.Now it feels like it has a purifying and cleansing effect.If you work with visualization it’s a good thing but for me mantras are highly more effective.The word’‘agni’’ can activate fire element and the mantra '‘Aham agni(i am fire)’'can fill your body with it.
Another mantra that works is ‘‘Om agni Devaya Svaha’’

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I never tried the mantras. I wonder if putting both techniques might be too much.

As a healer here, I can confirm that healing feels warm. The first time I used energy to heal myself I had a pinched nerve in my elbow and it got to the point where I didn’t have full motion of my arm because of the pain. So, when I practiced some inner energy work I physically felt warmth in my elbow as I was healing myself. It took two more sessions but my pinched nerve was completely healed.

Kabbalistic Jewish Ritual

I would feel my hands getting hot while visualizing fire on each chakra, all around me (entering me), and under my spinal base, under my feet, and over my head. I visualize yellow, red, orange, white, gold. When I started getting prickly all over the skin, and my hands started getting hot, I then visualized a gold light entering my head and going through my body. I immediately felt a ticklish bliss feeling (tolerable) all over my body. Within the last 10 days.
One night a couple of weeks ago, I was falling asleep and my spine got HOT at the first 3 chakras. I quickly woke up, and the ‘burning’ went away.
But for me, the gold light at the top of the head down through the body seems to help keep me from getting to hot, prickly, etc.
Also the gold light from the top of the head to the heart, just before falling asleep helps my sub conscious open up. I can see images of mountains, people, cars, trees, whatever pops in there. It is just the sub conscious, like dreaming when asleep
Warning: when I fall asleep while running this gold energy from crown chakra to heart chakra, I sometimes wake up huffing and puffing (as if I was not breathing temporarily). The energy got stuck in the chest. Energy must keep moving. That is my experience with this.
This crown to heart technique is from Osho in the Book of Secrets.
Also the JOS ebook pdf states that kundalini ascending is HOT!. So I must be on the right track. Just have to take is carefully.
The ebook also states some symptoms of kundalini release.

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