Finishing this work when ill

A few days ago I fell very ill and one of the worst acid reflux attacks ever. After this it’s been one thing after the other and I’m so weak I can barely do 5 Pushups.

At the same time I started on the baneful working to end two targets. I stripped them of their defenses and blessings and now need to go to step 2. Would it be okay to do this while I’ll? I’ll be doing lots of clearings too and the deities I’m working with well at least one of them has a good relationship with me.

Well… I reckon only you can answer that. Is feeling ill going to prevent you from pouring the required amount of energy into each ritual?

Are you “allowed” to stop and rest for a few days before recommencing?

Hope you feel better :bouquet:

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I honestly don’t know. For today’s one I’ll be able to.

I can but I may have to destroy their defenses again.

Thank you :heart:

Why not give your illness to your targets?

Evoke its spirit, and make a bargain for it to leave you, and attack them.

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I managed to trace who’s sending it and it’s a priest who is close to my targets. The Vedic Gods don’t think highly of him.

I am honestly wondering how he got through all the protection but it must have happened a while ago as Bast kept giving me signs. I’ll be sending his shit back to him.

Evoking the disease seems interesting. I’ll add it to my arsenal

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