Finished My Initiation into the OAA and Received The First Flame

A friend of mine asked me to share my experiences if I could. I checked with my spirit companion just to make sure it was ok to share it and got the message “Please do.” So I came here right afterwards to share the experience while it’s fresh.

Someone asked me earlier today why I chose tonight to go through the Initiation into the OAA. Did I choose it because of the new moon?

The truth is I just knew I had to do it tonight. It was chosen for me. I don’t consciously understand the significance of the new moon to this ritual (or any ritual) … yet. :slight_smile:

Before I performed the Initation Rite, I asked any spirit within my home to please leave my space. I was going to do a banishing ritual first to get rid of all the energy within my home so I had a clean slate to start with. I felt the spirits that were around me leave my home. Then I did the Solar Banishing Ritual to clear out any residual energies.

I cleaned out the corner of my living room today for my new magickal workspace and altar, so I was sitting on a chair within a triangle area of my home, facing the corner when I was performing the Darkness Meditation.

(I chose that corner because it’s where I’ve actually seen the outline of spirits against my wall, so I figured there’s probably a gateway of some form there.)

I felt the dark mist gather around me and close in quickly. I felt no fear and merely observed it as it swirled near me, watching me even as I watched it. It was very palpable and dense.

I opened my eyes slightly, fully expecting the room to be completely filled with the darkness, but I couldn’t see it with my naked eyes. There was no doubt it was still there because I could feel it strongly.

I moved onto the Swinging Pendulum Meditation. I was surprised at how difficult it was to concentrate since I could feel the Darkness still surrounding me. I eventually learned to ignore the presence and focused solely on the pendulum, but it took a great deal more effort than I would have expected.

After that, I consecrated each of my candles in the same order I originally consecrated them. Again, it was a little difficult to focus since I could feel the Darkness still surrounding me, watching me as I went about my work.
I made it through the candles without losing my focus.

I stood up and moved my chair away. Moving the chair pulled me out of the deeper trance state, but I was still in a light trance state and sank back into the deeper trance state within just a few moments.

I pulled the golden light from the orb down inside of me and intoned Sat Nam. The power of those words seemed to echo out into the calm night.

I gathered the light at my fingertips and said “I accept the First Flame” as I created the sphere of light around me.

I could instantly feel the energy settle over my body and around me, moving within me. It was very powerful and energized me.

I moved slowly within the energy of the First Flame, feeling it wash over and through me. I moved with the slow, circular movements I use when I’m performing Qigong and I could feel the energy dancing along my skin.

I felt several presences behind me, so I turned around and thanked my brothers and sisters of the spirit for coming to witness my Initiation. I asked them to “Go now with my peace and love.”

I then dropped my sphere and “shrank” back to my earthly form. It’s the only words I can use to describe the feeling of settling back within my physical form.

And then I grabbed a bite to eat to ground myself back in physical reality and wrote this. 40 minutes later and I’m still feeling the strong energy of the First Flame flowing through me. And I know it’s a part of me forever.


Thanks, my brother. I appreciate the part you’ve played in my personal growth.