Finding your world

so I’ve been writing this story for a while now. both in physical and not.
and I have kinda gone and declared it my world
is anyone else going through that right now
i can’t seem to find anyone in the social media world who’s just
created their own world and openly declares that’s their domain.

I did realise that the story actually matches the “starseed goal” of raising the level of thought.
they’re trying to escape this orb (on header its the circle) which is control.
and trying to reach the 4th level of conscious which is above and the |/
: )

so yeah if you have anything like that please do share

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I’m not sure what you mean?
Wasn’t J R R Tolkien’s Middle Earth his ‘own world’. Isn’t this something every author does that writes about a fictional place?

Imo, that place is also formed by them in thier own corner of the astral, as they write, and people can create entire solar systems and galaxies that way. Those can be visited and shared by others on invitation - the writing provides the key.

But did you mean something else?


yeah they’re all like
unreachable people
u kno

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Well I think everybody does this who has started exploring the astral and obtaining personal gnosis of the occult.

So people can find whole areas in the astral that no-one else knows about. Often they create them, as humans are creator beings incarnate into physical vessels.

You can also find an area invented by another, and join the author in it. There are mages that work with created worlds and even cosmologies like that - from Lovecraft to Elder scrolls, you can journey to those universes in your astral body.

This is the tricky bit:

But as I spoke about in that post, it’s possible to pick who you talk to, couch it in ways that are easier to hear and let people in bit by bit into your universe, if you want to.

The tricky part is where you see people who don’t realise that other people do have thier own truths, in thier own worlds, but assume there can be only one version that’s “right”… then they start trying to tell folks that they’re sooo wrong and describe it the way is in thier thier universe, and just put the others off.

Personally, I haven’t seen anything that says people’s inner worlds should match 100% at all, if ever. That’s why we tend to stick to talking about the areas that overlap. It’s easier and more useful.


oh you can travel in the astral body to others?
woah i didn’t know

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Yes… Of course, many use it to have astral sex, but you can also find shared places, libraries, teachers, temples and meetups in dream or in group workings done astrally


great time to learn in quarantine i guess

Very interesting.

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