Finding your magik path

Hi everyone I am new to magik and don’t know where to start or what path is the right one for me.can anyone help me find out what magik path is calling me.I’d also like everyone to shear there path and how they came to find it. as we all had to start somewhere but never really shear how we where led to find the right door to open.

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You can’t just find your path if you know absolutely nothing.


This is a very individualistic question, And not everyone’s experience will apply to one another.

Best advice is to read read read and then read again.

Find out what calls to you the most whether it be Celtic, Heathen, Egyptian or Greek, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is how grounded and at home you feel in the chosen system.

Results are nice too. :laughing:


I know magik basis and can see and feel but can’t hear.What I’m looking to find is what my personal energy is give an example yellow aura would be happy feeling.or how you call a spirit or entity by matching the enery or the spirit or entity or the same energy the user has. I want to find out what path my enery is closely matched to so I can really work to my fullest and feel most coneced to any help and advice and help would be amazing and I would be so grateful to anyone that can help me.

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I’m in the same boat but everything falls into order when you start moving and learning about a path that interests u, and often it will bring u to other paths too

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Is there anyone that can scan my energy or do a reading on me to help find what path my energy is matched to.also if anyone can tell me if any spirits or entitys are with me or trying to talk or work with me would be awesome to find out if there is anyone that can do that to help me I’d be forever grateful for the help I feel like something is with me I feel a tingle in my hole body then start to get secrets in my mind like I know something I can’t explain or comprehended has this happens to anyone be for if so please shear the experience with me.

Do it yourself. Not everything in magick can be handed to you. Part of the fun is discovering for yourself what paths you like. And despite the current consensus and culture of this forum, there are other paths than working with demons.


Read and read, then practice different paths, and with time you will find yours or set a new path. And your energy will correspond with it.


This is not for someone else to determine or tell you. Only you can determine this. And determining this is part of your journey.

Along the lines of what @Epsilon_The_Imperial, @Myrddin, and @FraterMagni said: read, practice, and find out for yourself.

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This might be of use:

I have not read this book but strangely I came across it not long before reading your post.