Finding the Divine

I first found it in a church, then later at a camp, then later still… on an entirely different path. Druidry and the old gods. Now again, my heart is looking towards home. This pagan woman’s story touches that yearning and or finding your divine path >

I’m at a point where this is what I’m doing daily whether or not I’m cognitively aware every single second or not. Hope this speaks to some and to others gives a sense of blessing for being where they feel most at home.


Well okay maybe I should start journaling here? Nobody cares… about this thread not even a click. Terminally busted?

I’m going to read the story.

I have a christian background so being satisfied in discovering and beginning in the LHP is something I would never ever have trusted 1 year ago if I would talk to my old self. I wish you to find what’s the best for you.

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This actually hit me really hard. I’ve more or less felt without a place or home my entire life. Always like I was just passing through. Still trying to find my path, but reading things like this definitely give me hope that I will find home eventually.


I should have stated in my first blurb that I am home, here and on the bridge between worlds, in my case the worlds are past and present beliefs but also like Brighid, I walk in both worlds at the same time, a goddess in one and saint in the other, she was mother goddess and adopted as a saint after Ireland became xtianized. She was considered by them to be the foster mother of Jesus so was acceptable in both worlds and still is. My old self was taught things by others, my new self by my Self and the ways of old, but adapting to new concepts of modern life too. it is a ever changing light and world I live in. (not saying I could never dedicate myself to one path, no, just a general statement of fact)

@Narsonix, I’m glad this little topic helped you in some small way, and at least it is a hopeful way. /|\

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