Finding other black magicians?

I know this forum is awesome and it’s filled so much of that lonely solitary void. But I would love to meet some black magicians or sorceresses in person. Do you know of any mundane methods or even magical rituals that would help me with this? Thanks!


Look for local meet up groups on the web. You’d be suprised how many of us are out there, and how many of us attend meditation and mindfulness groups, or tarot groups…etc.


Craigslist, is a way to go.


No luck with meetup but Craigslist might be worth a go.

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What are you seeking to gain by physically meeting with other lhp practitioners? The race is against yourself, not them.


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That honestly a really good question.

It could be just a simple desire for face to face interaction. (Somthing tangible) Physical connection is really just a basic desire.

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Idk about other places, but London has at least 7-8 active magical orders who meet regularly monthly to practice. Most are RHP to be honest, but the Maat lodge of the Golden Dawn are a good group of people who are an interesting bunch.
I know theres also some Kabballic orders running around, they might be willing to work with Qliphothic stuff. That’s just the ones that are in the public eye, higher orders of Masonry and other orders probably have more discrete ones.


@FraterMagni Would soul travelling to you count?