Finding One's Path...and where to begin

I’m ecstatic to have come across the YouTube videos by EA Koetting. What I find amazing is that much of what he describes in his YouTube videos I agree with, have experienced, or have suspected were true. I’ve purchased all of Koetting’s books but I’m so excited I don’t where to begin. Any suggestions?
I’ve studied Wicca on my own for a number of years along with material from the JOS. However, I’m still wondering where I should begin. Does anyone know if the Koetting’s book were set up to be read in any particular order? Or, have they been written to stand alone as grimoires to the particular topic they discuss?
Can anyone offer suggestions or points of enlightenment?

  1. Turn off the TV and other inconsequential distractions.

  2. Learn introspection.

  3. Hunt around the net for resources like BALG. Excercise discernment and discrimination with all you read - your path will find you. EA’s path is not necessarily yours.

  4. Meditate, meditate, meditate.

  5. Practice, practice, practice.

  6. If your ego can’t handle failure then don’t bother.

  7. This is a lonely path, you will encounter prejudice, apathy, fear, hate, bigotry, ridicule etc so learn to be discreet - again if your ego can handle that.

  8. If you’re really serious then the path you’ll take will eventually become all consuming. Are you prepared for that?

  9. Take responsibility for your own actions and think for yourself, if you can’t then don’t bother.

  10. “Nothing is real therefore everything is permitted”

I would suggest in the first instance with regards to EA’s books to reading Evoking Eternity and Questing After Visions.

Good luck and welcome aboard!