Finding my guardian demon

Hi guys I’m in the middle of getting ready to make a partition to a demon using the DoM ritual.

After speaking with a very clued up member on here decided to find who is my guardian demon and work with them instead of starting a brand new relationship for now.

How do I go about finding who this demon is, I know there is a app that gives info on demons, elements and birth dates to determine which demon.

Does anyone know it or have anywhere for me to check?

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To be fair, not everyone has a guardian demon.Probably some people doesnt even have guardians.

Some kings of Goetia give excellent f amiliars, which can protect you, if thats what you want.


Pick up a copy of Qliphothic Astrology by Bill Duvendack. It can tell you how to find your patron demon.


That’s a point maybe I don’t even have a guardian demon or any other guardians for that matter.

I can do a tarot reading I guess to choose a demon to work with as my first ritual.

I have done readings regarding what I might ask for and it seems to fit so much better asking for spiritual gains over material stuff.

Back to the drawing for me, and will just choose intuitively and get on with it. :blush:



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Usually you’ll find yourself being drawn to a certain demon, if it keeps happening my advice would be to invoke and establish a relationship with the demon if you resonate.


I’m not sure if those apps are even accurate, you’re better off going with your gut.


I was gifted/awoken to my gaurdian demons after initiating into the gatekeeper current. I had 0 contact with them before. Maybe appeal to a higher demon to put you in contact with yours, or gift you one?


Check an angelic natal chart, find the demon your birth angel frustrates.


I have 1 that is actually spot on as far as goetia info goes. But it took me a long ass time to find it lol

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Which one this that miss Lucy?

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My guardian demon showed up when I really messed up and went off path and probably wouldn’t have survived long enough to turn it around.

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Astrology doesn’t determine your guardian demon.

The best way to find out is to pick a demon and ask them.


I’ll pm it to you as its against rules to share publicly.

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can u tell me too? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a shit ton of lilith in my lopsided chart. It was only a matter of time lol


I never said it couldn’t do all of that. I said that it couldn’t determine one’s guardian demon.

Yet many people find that their guardian isn’t in their chart.

Just woke up to quite a few replies and recommendations.

I tried a few and found some info but still unsure tbh. My angelic natal chart came up with two angels Cahetel and Aniel with there corresponding demons Barbatos and Phenex.

I will try a few other suggestions too, thanks

@DarkestKnight is this true that not everyone has a guardian demons? I was just about to make a thread discussing if they were real or not